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Mother’s Day: Family-Friendly Activities

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Mother’s Day is just a few days away – what will you be doing for this lovely holiday? 
Whether you’re a mom who likes to plan or you’re a family member organizing a sweet surprise, we’ve got some family-friendly ideas on how to celebrate this special occasion. 

High Tea

Take tea time to the next level with a tea party! Have it indoors or out in the garden, dress up for the occasion, and serve sweet ‘n’ savory treats along with your favorite tea. (PS: Kiddos might want to invite their plush pals or dolls for an event like this!) 

Picnic in the Park

A more casual alternative is a classic picnic. Pack a big blanket, food that doesn’t mind sunlight, some lemonade, books, or board games. Then head off to find a scenic spot in your neighborhood park, and eat, read, or play! 
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Scavenger Hunt

Who says scavenger hunts are only for kids? If you’re thinking of organizing a fun activity for the mom in your life, we recommend hiding mini gifts around the house or hiding clues that lead to a bigger gift. Either way, it’s sure to B. fun! 

Home Spa

You don’t need to go far in order to treat yourself spa-style! Slip on soft (and matching, for a touch of cuteness) bathrobes, apply kid-friendly face masks, put on some calming music, and reeeeelax. 
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Family Nap

If you’re planning a jam-packed Mother’s Day, we recommend having a little nap in the middle. Family activities come with tons of fun, but a little sleep can go a long way (as many parents know). Get some zzzs, then gear up for Part 2 of the day! 

Writer’s Club

Put your love in writing with a letter or lilnotes! You can either write (or help kids write) an appreciation letter to the mom in your life or grab a big jar and encourage the whole family to drop in mini appreciation notes into it throughout the day.  

Fruit Picking

Fan of farms? Then spend the day picking fruits, veggies, or berries as a family! After soaking in the sun, you can head back and bake a sweet treat or use the veggies for a Mother’s Day dinner at home. 

Restaurant Hop

Want to head out for food instead, but can’t pick just one place? So, don’t! Instead, divide your restaurant experience into three – one restaurant for the appetizer, one for the main meal, and a last one for dessert!  

Musical Party

Celebrate Mother’s Day through song and dance! Rearrange some of the furniture to create a dance floor at home, play some fun tunes, and get grooving. Or pick your favorite songs to sing to and have a karaoke party with the whole family! 

Snapshots to Scrapbook

Create a memento of the day the old school way – with an instant camera. Take turns capturing different moments from the day, then compile the printed images and make a scrapbook with them. It’s sure to make everyone smile for years to come! 
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Wishing you all a great Mother’s Day! (But know that you inspire us all year round.) 

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