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Tips & Tricks for Kid-Friendly Gatherings

‘Tis the season for… gatherings! Whether you’re sorting Halloween treats with little ones and their buddies, going over to a friend’s home for Thanksgiving, or having a festive feast with the whole family during the holidays, there is a lot of celebrating to do this time around. 
While we’re excited to B. around our friends and families again, heading into big gatherings after a year-long pause can get overwhelming for kiddos. Which is why we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks thelp the children in your families ease into these celebrations. 

Talk about it

Given that kids got used to their small social circles during the pandemic, it’s important to not dive into gatherings head-first. Once you know that a big event is coming up, our recommendation is simple: talk about it! Let kids know what kind of gathering it will be, how many people will attend, what will likely happen during the event, and so on. We also suggest going over greetings to find out how kids prefer to be greeted and if there’s a type of greeting that makes them uncomfortable. In the end, knowing what to expect can make the experience smootherfor you and for them! 

B. road-ready

If the gathering takes place in your home, that’s one thing. But you may need to hop in the car and hit the road to attend some of this season’s festivities! If the journey falls on the lengthy side of things, we recommend bringing toys and inviting games along for the ride. The classic “I Spy” game never goes out of style and keeps children engaged the whole way. If you have enough kid-friendly “Would You Rather?” questions ready to go, then that works very well as a car game too. Or you can let kids decide how – and with what – they want to play by bringing easily-portable toys with you! 
BX1044 LS Kid 2

Plan for kid-friendly food

It’s no secret that kids can be picky eaters. And if you’re outside of your home, surrounded by dishes your little one won’t eat, the situation can get tricky. To make sure the host stays happy and your child doesn’t go hungry, bring a dish you know they will like to the party. If you’re the host, then we suggest having a lil’ fun with food – especially if there are a lot of kids on the guest list. Go with the theme of the party and make kid-friendly snacks such as ghost-shaped cookies or a gingerbread house. And if children want to take part in the cooking process, all the better! (These are the kinds of messes that turn into memories, after all.) 
BX1640 LS A 4

Play together

If there are many kids at the party, games and activities are a must! You could organize a talent show, play charades, plan a scavenger hunt, or bust out the family-friendly toys everyone at the gathering can enjoy. Try out our brand-new bean bag toss game to see who scores the most points. Or rack up the points in a different way – by playing a ring toss game. Then maybe go for few rounds of bowling with a light-up twist! Or have everyone add a colorful touch to their outfits with our DIY jewelry kits. No matter how you choose to play, all-ages fun is guaranteed! 

Find a place for peace

As fun as games and gatherings are, they can also overwhelm little ones at times. The people, the cheery sounds, the yummy smells, the bright colors – all of these seemingly wonderful things can sometimes overstimulate kids. This is where a lil’ nook for relaxation can come in handy! If you’re at home, their room, the playroom, or even a play tent can do the trick. If you’re at a friend’s or a relative’s home, then our suggestion is to ask them about a quiet spot in the house where children can go and unwind at the end of the gathering. 
We at B. wish you all a (safe) celebratory season, filled with smiles, sweetness, and tons of fun! 

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