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Improving Communication Skills Through Pretend Play

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Pretend play is all about getting creative, dreaming up fun stories, and fusing imagination with playtime. Whether kids are playing solo or with a buddy, diving into make-believe worlds or reenacting everyday situations, one thing’s for sure: they’ll be improving their communication skills along the way. 
By entering the land of role-play, children can practice their pronunciation, discover new words, expand their vocabulary, and improve both their language and social skills as they play (in addition to a myriad of developmental benefits!). On top of making stories come to life, you can also encourage kids to thoroughly explain their ideas or describe the props they’re using, all of which will gently push them to work on their communication even more. Not to mention that through facial expressions, gestures, and body language, children can learn about non-verbal communication as well. Check, check, and check! 
Now when it comes to pretend play, we believe that toys are key – and we’ve got brand-new playroom pals that are sure to get the communication ball rolling. Here are 5 pretend play toys and dramatic play ideas to go with each one: 

Coffee Maker Set: Café au Play

This wooden set has everything mini baristas need to run their very own café! Gather the family or friends and pretend to be customers in the town’s busiest coffee shop. Little ones are sure to work on their vocabulary and social skills as they serve their pretend patrons coffee-licious drinks! 
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Tool Box: Fix 'n' Play Kit

Oh no – the kitchen sink is broken! Time to call the Fixing Hero to the rescue! Equipped with a trendy tool box and a cute cape, the kiddo in your family can become a mini builder that repairs everything around the house. Not only will the superhero aspect make it that much more fun, but pretending to help out others can give little ones a boost of confidence.  (P.S.: As great as a Fixing Hero is, real professionals are still the way to go in case something actually breaks!) 

Play Food: Little Foodie Groups

Help little ones prepare a feast for the family to enjoy! During those chilly days, turn your home into a park and set the scene for a picnic. Grab a big blanket, use wooden crate from the set as your picnic basket, lay out the food, and play! By prepping the pretend treats and making sure everyone has something to “eat,” children will be able to learn about nutrition and the importance of caring for others. 

Rocking Horse: Spotty

Gallop right into fun with Spotty, the newest addition to our Rodeo Rocker collection! Once little ones hop onto this pony and hold on to the tiny hands-friendly handles, they can go as far as their imaginations take ’em. 
Kids can take a ride though the countryside, trot across flowery plains, or gallop through a magical land! 

Doctor Set: Mini Doctor Care Kit

There are plush patients with boo-boos out in the waiting room – can you treat them all? With this fully-stocked playset, kids can easily transform into doctors for the day and treat those in need. And because this kind of role-play mirrors real life, pretending to be a mini medic can even help alleviate some of the stress kiddos have when it comes to actual doctor visits! 
Do you have play ideas in mind that have worked well with the little ones in your family? Spread the joy of pretend play by tagging us @mybtoys! 
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