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About us

Quirky and unique, our toys are meant to inspire children’s individuality. Unexpected colors, intriguing patterns, sensory textures, and features that are as playful as they are educational! The difference doesn’t stop there; our toys are timeless and meant to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, with easy-to-use TRY ME windows and groovy die cuts. The difference in our packaging goes way beyond the surface. We want to make sure that the environmental footprint on our children’s world is as light as possible. How? By scrutinizing every single piece, minimizing the parts that get thrown away, and by using soy-based inks.

We aim to be bigger than a toy company. We want to let children know that it’s okay to be curious, to be happy or serious, giddy and adventurous… all at the same time.

Because at the end of the day, kids should B. exactly who they want to B.

Peace, love, and jellybeans!

Discover B. toys Story

Over the last decade, B. has gone from a vague idea to a fully fleshed-out brand which encompasses several lines of toys.
It all started with a passion for children and a mutual dream between two old designer friends. After decades of crafting and making toys, a team of designer-moms at DoodleDo teamed up with family-run manufacturer Battat. They decided it was time for a brand of toys that made a difference, both to our planet and to the children who live on it.

Today, B. continues to innovate in terms of the visual and function design of its toys. From fresh spins on toddler classics to surprisingly modern children’s furniture, B. has childhood covered. And there’s really no end in sight. Check in regularly to see what we have cooking.

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    Brainstorming Brand ‘X’

    Seeking to add a new line of unique toys meant to inspire children’s individuality, Battat Toys sets into motion what will eventually be known simply as B. toys.

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    Ecological packaging concept

    With a goal of sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind, a commitment is made for all B. toys packaging to be 100% recyclable, reusable and recycled.

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    Zany Zoo Launch

    A true signature item of B., the Zany Zoo offers five sides of fun colors and entertaining activities in the form of a handsome and durable wooden activity cube designed to be enjoyed by multiple generations of children.

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    Meowsic Launch

    Epitomizing the quirky and unique nature of its brand, the Meowsic Keyboard might just be the wackiest toy keyboard around, immediately identifiable for its signature grinning cat design and multi-functionality.

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    Woofer Launch

    Following the success of Meowsic Keyboard, B. unveils the Woofer Guitar, a howling puppy-shaped toy guitar perfect for lil’ aspiring musicians.

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    Symphony in B.

    Adding to B.’s tradition of musical toys is the B. Symphony, which lets children discover 13 different instruments as well as the basic sections of an orchestra. Designed to expand upon a child’s burgeoning interest in music, the B. Symphony is not the first or last B. toy inspired by healthy curiosity.

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    Baby B. Launch

    With ALL children in mind, B. introduces the Baby B. line of toys, designed especially for little hands and curious minds. The line includes squeezy building blocks, soothing plush critters and much more.

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    Summer launch

    Embracing the most child-friendly season of all, B. launches its summer line, full of toys meant to be played with outside and which encourage fun physical activity from digging to splashing and everything in between.

  • Buggly Wuggly

    The first in a series of absolutely adorable ride-on toys from B., the Buggly Wuggly offers crawlers and new walkers the chance to zoom around the house from the comfort of this cute light-up snail complete with a secret storage compartment!

  • B. spaces (kids furniture) launch

    Venturing into new terrain, B. introduces its very own line of fully functional kid-sized furniture, combining dynamic patterns, sleek mid-century style and natural wood accents.

  • A whole new world of possibilities! We’ve got something new brewing!
    Come back and see this FALL!

B. Environmental

We know that toys often come in beautiful boxes or with wonderful wrappers. But the ecological footprint left by packaging is not a pretty sight – which is why we have been relentless in using the most recyclable materials and soy-based inks to minimize that footprint. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s a way of life around here.

Wherever possible we’ve omitted packaging altogether. Some of our toys come with just a simple hangtag. When we do need to use boxes, we use only recyclable paper. For some of our toys, we’ve replaced the traditional box with a beautiful, sturdy storage bag that can be used over and over.

Meanwhile, all of our boxes can be recycled again and again and again. And we’ve made sure that the plastic that holds our toys in place is the most easily and widely recycled. Even the very few ties that we use to protect our toys while in transit are recyclable.

It’s been a BIG effort to make as little an impact on our planet as possible.

As for the toys themselves, we built them sturdy so they could be recycled the old-fashioned way – by being passed from one child to another. And when everyone in your family is finally finished playing with a toy, please check out You’ll find wonderful opportunities in your area for passing along a toy to someone who could use it next.