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Spook-tacular Toys for Halloween Costumes

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We’re all under the spell of the spooky season, so we can’t help but brainstorm ideas for Halloween costumes! There are plenty of choices when it comes to fa-boo-lous outfits, but we came up with 5 ideas – all inspired by ghoul-geous toys that double as great Halloween accessories. 

Mini Medic: Mini Doctor Care Kit

This colorful kit has all of the tools little ones need to dress like a doctor for the day! Paired with a lab coat, children can carefully wear the stethoscope around their necks or the blood pressure cuff on their arm. If the coat has pockets, kiddos can also keep the other tools close by and pull ‘em out whenever they need to get into character. Not to mention, the included fabric bag is perfect for collecting sweet treats throughout the evening! 

Budding Builder: Fix ‘n’ Play Kit

Put on a kid-friendly safety vest, pair it with a hard hat, and grab our wooden tool box to complete the costume! 
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This kit comes with a functional drill and a ton of itty-bitty bits to pretend build with. Kids can fix up whatever needs make-believe repairs around the house during the day, then take the tiny hands-friendly box and use it to store the goodies they collect in the evening. 

Wonderful Witches: Clean ‘n’ Play

Got a couple of kids in the family who want to be witches this Halloween? We’ve got one playset witch will make that wish come true! Our Clean ‘n’ Play set comes with a broom and mop that children can use to “fly” into fun on this spooky holiday. And after a long day of brewing potions and casting sweet spells, lil’ witches can even hang up their hats on the handy storage stand! 

Boo-tiful Bowler: Let’s Go Bowling!

Go back in time and match our bowling set with a retro bowler’s outfit! You could even take it a step further by transforming your entire family into a bowling league for Halloween. 
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Once you all have classic matching bowling shirts, you can then set up the colorful pins at home or in your backyard, and play a few rounds all together before heading out to trick-or-treat! 

Funny Fisher: Little Fisher’s Kit

Re-live summer fun during the fall season with a fisher’s costume! This playset comes with the key accessories needed to transform into a little fisher for the day – a colorful fishing rod with a reel and sea animals. Kids can even show off their catch as they trick-or-treat because the line is magnetic and the end connects to any of the included sea creatures. And if the kiddo in your family wants to twin with a buddy, we have good news: this set comes with not one, but two rods! 
What are the kiddos in your family dressing up as this Halloween? Share your costume ideas by tagging us @mybtoys! 
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If you need even more inspiration, take a look at our costume suggestions from last year! 

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