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B. Inspired: Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Ghosts & Pirates & Superheroes, Oh My!

Although Halloween will look a lil’ different this year, celebrating this spooky and silly holiday is sure to put a smile on your toddler’s face – which is why we want to give you a head start when it comes to costumes! The magic of Halloween gives kiddos the opportunity to not only play pretend, but to fully dress the part while they’re at it. And we’ve got brand new B. toys that can take their creative costumes to the next level. Toys and treats? Yes, please!

Farmer Costume + Freshly Picked

Put on your overalls, grab your straw hat, and get ready to plow the fields or pick yummy produce! Whether your little one has a peach orchard, strawberry fields, or wants to become a dairy producer for the day, our Freshly Picked play food set has everything a mini farmer needs. They can carry their goodies in the basket, open up a DIY stand at the make-believe farmer’s market, or run their pretend grocery store right out of the playroom. Not to mention that by stepping into the shoes of a farmer, your toddler can learn about the key role they play in getting delicious food to our tables!

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Chef Costume + Chop ‘n’ Play

Channel your inner Julia Child and transform into a chef! Pull out our wooden Chop ‘n’ Play sets, pair your culinary star’s costume with a chef’s hat ‘n’ coat, and get cooking! Your toddler can grab the board and knife, cut choppable fruits and veggies, and create vegetarian meals or scrumptious jams. Chop and play with these farm-grown foods, whip up delicious dishes, invite your plush pals to dinner, and serve up a big Halloween feast. And who knows? Maybe running an imaginary restaurant might inspire them to open up a real one in the future!

Piano Player Costume + Mini Maestro

Got a mini musician in the family? Embrace their talent with a piano player costume this Halloween! You can go about it in two ways. Either dip into history and create a costume based on the classic composer and pianist, Ludwig van Beethoven. You’ll need a scarf, vest, knee-length coat, stockings, buckled shoes, and a white wig! Or you can stick to the 21st century and go for a tiny tux or a fancy dress. Whichever way you choose to dress, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need a piano to complete the look! This is where our Mini Maestro comes in – a wooden instrument sized just right for lil’ pianists in the making.

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Rockstar Drummer Costume + Little Beats

From classical compositions to rock ‘n’ roll! Get inspired by your favorite rock stars and put together a creative costume for your rockin’ kiddo. Although most of the outfit is likely to be dark, you can throw a splash of fun into the mix with a couple of clothing items that have funky patterns and bright colors. Add in a headband and a big wig and you’re ready to take the stage! To let your toddler rock out, pair their outfit with a microphone, guitar, or our brand-new drum set from Land of B. – Little Beats! (Parents will also be happy to know that a quiet concert is possible, thanks to this toy’s handy volume control.)

Race Car Driver Costume + Woofer’s Musical Driving Wheel

If your little one plays with toy cars more than anything, then a race car driver costume could be the way to go! Zip up your jumpsuit, put on your helmet, hop in the car, start the engine, and take the wheel – Woofer’s Musical Driving Wheel, to be precise. This interactive steering wheel comes with sound effects, fun tunes, and flashing lights – all to make the driving experience that much more exciting! Zoom and vroom around the pretend race track or take it a step further with a DIY cardboard car. 3… 2… 1… GO!

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No matter the costume, we hope you have tons of fun planning out who to B. this Halloween! Be safe and be sure to share your cute creations by tagging us @mybtoys.

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