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‘Tis the season for all things school! Whether your mini student grabbed their backpack and headed to the classroom, turned on the computer and started learning virtually, or is being taught at home by you, we’ve got just the right toys that’ll help them smoothly transition from summer-mode into learning-mode.

From reading to counting and building to crafting, here is our back-to-school kit for little learners:

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Math: Counting Rainbows* + Hi! Phone

Get to know your 123s in two different ways! If you want to take a more classic route, turn to our Counting Rainbows puzzle – a wooden board with 20 colorful and chunky pieces. Your mathematician in the making can practice counting from 1 to 10 using the number shapes, or they can lift up the color pieces to discover the hidden numbers underneath each one. 123… Surprise! Then step into the 21st century with the Hi! Phone, a touch-screen toy cell phone that recites the numbers out loud so that your kiddo can also learn how to pronounce them correctly. And by pretend chatting with their imaginary buddies, your toddler will also be improving their communication skills!

STEM: Little BlocWagon* + Build-A-Ma-Jigs Aeroplane

Think you may have a mini engineer on your hands? Then let ‘em build the days away with these STEM toys! Our Little BlocWagon comes with 54 colorful pieces that your toddler can use to dream up a ton of fun structures and improve their practical thinking along the way. And if you have a curious kiddo who always wants to know how everything around them is made, then the take-apart Build-A-Ma-Jigs Aeroplane is sure to satisfy their curiosity – and develop their problem-solving skills too. Not to mention that as they build, connect, assemble, and disassemble, they will also be developing their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

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English: Coral Cutie & Board Book* + Alpha-B-tical

Snuggle up with Coral Cutie and enjoy her sweet story! An educational board book, Coral Cutie’s Ice Cream Scoops introduces your little one to different colors, numbers, and animals. Following Coral’s character as she drives her ice cream truck can also help develop your baby’s language and listening skills! To take it a step further, your child can then practice their ABCs and sorting skills with our wooden Alpha-B-tical puzzle. By matching each letter to its right place, your toddler will learn the letters of the English alphabet, their correct order, and the words that are associated with each one by discovering the colorful illustrations. E for Elephant and U for Umbrella!

Art: Mini Melody Band* + Pop Arty!

Do you catch your child tapping to the rhythm or grooving to the beat? Then maybe the Mini Melody Band playset is what they need! This cute n’ groovy instrument set comes with an owl-inspired xylophone, a bee-themed tambourine, and a caterpillar harmonica that your mini musician can play with to express themselves creatively, strengthen their memory skills, and improve their sensory development. To continue on the artistic path, your toddler can also come up with colorful creations with our snap-together jewelry kit, Pop Arty! If you encourage your crafty kid to make necklaces and bracelets for others, you could also take that opportunity to teach them about the importance of sharing and caring.

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There’s nothing like a lil’ playtime to hit the educational ground running!

*Brand new B. toys!

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