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Educational Toy Kit

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While many of you have been turning your playrooms into classrooms, we’ve been busy filling the B. School chest with educational toys to lend you a helping hand with that transformation. To sprinkle fun into every lesson, we’re now opening up that chest of playful teaching tools to give you our Educational Toy Kit – a guide to playing and learning for little students everywhere.

Babies: 0 months +

For Developing Motor Skills: Spin, Rattle & Roll

As your little one explores each of the three cylinders with their itty-bitty hands, they will develop their fine motor skills and engage their senses of touch and hearing with beads, paddles, and noisemakers.

For Learning Letters: aBc Block Party

A for Apple and B for Bee – it’s an educational party! Your tiny tot can learn letters and discover what each one stands for by exploring the colorful illustrations on these sensory baby blocks.

For Moving: Musical Party Pad

This musical pad is ready to get your baby moving and grooving! Playing or dancing to fun tunes and wacky sounds is easy thanks to big buttons that your child can press by using their hands and feet.

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Toddlers: 18 months +

BX1007 LS B 4

For Learning Numbers: Hi!! Phone

Although most phones are not allowed in classrooms, this one is the exception because it can help your child learn their 123s! Your math whiz in the making can practice counting from 0 to 9 by pressing the buttons and hearing each number aloud.

For Playing Music: Parum Pum Pum

Fill your home with the sound of music! Playing instruments sparks the imagination, improves gross motor skills, and can increase your budding musician’s brain development in the areas of language and listening.

For Staying Active: Walk ‘n’ Pop

This lil’ turtle can keep your little one active in 2 ways: by crawling around or by grabbing on to the handle and strolling around the house. Not to mention that this push-along walker also improves hand-eye coordination!

Kiddos: 3 years +

For Pre-Reading: Magnetic Alphabetic

A 2-in-1 toy for a 2-step English class: 1. Practice the ABC’s with the help of the accompanying illustration on each puzzle piece. 2. Flip over the board and grab the chalk to sharpen those writing skills!

For STEM: Marble-Palooza

Mixing and matching the pieces to see which one fits where means your child’s mind will be working in a logical way, which can help them improve their problem-solving skills and gain better cognitive skills!

For Physical Exercise: Pouncy Bouncy Ball

A bouncy gym class? Yes, please! Bouncing around makes for great exercise and results in a fair bit of physical activity, while sitting still on the ball can improve balance and posture.

BX1731 Kid a 1

These educational toys for tots can complement any class you choose to have at home and are great for all little students to play and learn with!

We want to dedicate this blog post to all of the parents who are juggling work, parenting, a teaching side-gig, everyday tasks, and so much more – all while creating a new normal for their families. You inspire us every day!

*The B. School name and concept are used in a fictitious manner and this post is not intended as a substitute for the educational advice of professional teachers.

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