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Spring Break Staycation

Smiling boy sitting at a kids table and drawing with markers and smiling girl holding a drawing while standing on a kids step stool.

Build a Fort

Find some blankets, grab some pillows, and turn a place for drawing into a space for dreaming! Building a blanket fort around a little table creates a magical hideaway in plain sight where your child can relax, read, play, or even nap. Not to mention that it can also provide a sense of privacy! Even if kid-sized furniture is placed in a parent-populated area such as the living room, having their own place for playtime can show your little one what it means to have a personal space – a space where they can be giggly, silly, happy, and most importantly, themselves.

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Kids table and chair set with sketch of girl in a hat playing with stuffed animals.

Put On a Show

Turn the table into a stage and let your creative kid come up with their own theatrical production! First step: dreaming up an adventurous story featuring the toys of the house. Then, holding auditions for all the dolls and teddy bears to see who is best suited for each role. Step three: rehearsing if needed or getting ready to improvise. Finally, rounding up the parents and grandparents for opening night and getting this show on the road! Whether it’s theatre, dance, or a rock concert, this table-stage is ready for anything your child imagines.

Who knew a simple table and chair set could do so much!