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4 Ways Toddlers Can Share & Give with Toys

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When we think toys we usually think play. Toys are there to delight our little ones, to engage their senses, and to educate them. We surround our toddlers with toys to challenge them and to help them grow. Playing with toys sparks curiosity, develops motor skills, and improves hand-eye coordination. But there’s more to it – sometimes, toys can have unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, playing can turn into caring, sharing, and giving.


Take our snap-together jewelry kit, for example. With sets ranging from 150 to 500 pieces, your little jewelry maker can get creative and come up with a million dazzling combinations. Although they can expand their own collection of colorful accessories, you can also encourage your toddlers to make a ring, bracelet, or necklace for someone special. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up pieces of the set for good – offering Grandma a hand-made necklace for the day or making friendship bracelets for little pals during a play date is always a heartwarming gesture. And who says jewellery is the only way to go? Beautiful, out-of-the-box offerings are just as welcome!

Girls playing with snap-together jewelry.
Laughing girl playing with colorful bristle blocks on the floor.

Bristle Block Stackadoos

Similar to the make-your-own jewelry kit, these bristle blocks could also double as an imaginative gift. Say there’s a birthday coming up – you can ask your little builder to make a bristle blocks-terpiece inspired by what the guest of honor likes. Are they a fan of racing? Build a car! Interested in space? Go for a rocket! Do they love NY? Recreate the Empire State Building! Sculptural possibilities are endless when you’ve got over 60 colorful pieces to create with. These creations are sure to add a playful touch to any birthday party!


Another way to show love is through music! Your toddlers can use the many funky features of this kitten keyboard to give a musical gift: different instrument sounds, various rhythms, a selection of songs, a retractable microphone, and a recording function! If your kiddo is comfortable in front of an audience, they can deliver a special performance for someone by singing a song or playing a tune. If they’re a little more on the shy side, they can always compose a song, record it, then play it back. Either way, a happy tune will put a smile on everyone’s face!

Laughing girl playing on a kid piano and singing.
Girl drawing on blackboard.

Easel Does It

Drawing is one more way your toddler can give and share. With this kid-friendly easel, your little artist can certainly practice drawing by endlessly sketching and creating on the blackboard or the whiteboard. But this artistic toy also comes with two handy clips that can be used to hold paper in place – paper which can transform into a mini masterpiece your child can give to a family member or a friend. A drawing can become a personalized card or a hand-made gift for a birthday, a holiday, or really, any day.

So take a good look at your toddler’s toys – they may come with extra twists that could turn these toys into great gifts!

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