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Adjusting to a new day-to-day with the whole family at home? Although you might find yourself with a laptop in one hand and a stuffed animal in the other at times, we at B. believe that this is also an opportunity to create new memories, to share more laughs, to play more games, and to spend more quality time with our little loved ones.

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Here are 10 screen-free activities for your children to enjoy – in the comfort of your home or in a sun-soaked backyard. There are so many ways to play this spring season without always turning to TVs or tablets!

1. Time to Learn

Carve out some time in the day for a lesson! Help your little one memorize the colors of the rainbow, explore numbers and counting, or practice the alphabet. They’ll walk back into the classroom with a boost of confidence!

2. Letter Hunt

Turn an alphabet puzzle into a scavenger hunt! Make up a word with a few letters, then hide each one in a different spot at home. Play a little game of hot & cold with your kid until they find each letter and finish the hunt by solving the word!

3. Hide & Seek

Take some of your kid’s smaller toys such as balls, blocks, or cars, and hide them around the house in places that they could easily reach. Then hand them a bucket and send them on a collecting mission while you time them! How many treasures will your kiddo find?

4. Obstacle Course

Grab some chairs, pillows, bristle blocks, hoops, a play tunnel, or other household objects and create an indoor obstacle course for your little adventurer! And if you want them to get some fresh air, you could also create an obstacle course in the yard by using garden planters, buckets, water balloons, pool noodles, and more.

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5. Chalk Art

Turn the driveway into a canvas! All your budding artist needs are some chalk and creativity to draw up a mini masterpiece – or they could simply play a classic game of hopscotch.

6. Listening Walk

Take a walk around the block and pay close attention – is that a dog barking? A car driving by? Leaves rustling in the wind? Not only is a listening walk a great reason to get some Vitamin D, but it can also help with your toddler’s sensory development. (Just don’t forget to wash your hands when you come back home!)

7. Mini Chef

Cook up hours of imaginative role play in a play kitchen or slip on a mini apron and lend the parents a helping hand. Sprinkle toppings on a pizza, crack an egg, mix up the cookie dough, and the most important part – taste-test it all!

8. Sand Pies

If you’ve got a sandbox in the backyard, grab some kitchen tools and cook up a sandy storm. Will you bake a pie? A birthday cake? Or tons of sandy cupcakes?

9. Bike Ride

What’s more classic than learning to ride a bike? Before tackling a two-wheeler, help them along the way as they roll on a more kid-friendly version – and get a little exercise on the way!

10. Play Tent

A little relaxation goes a long way, and taking a break in a tent is a great way for your toddler to get some “Me” time. Whether you set up camp in the living room or in the backyard, a tent doubles as a cozy place to play, read, rest, and dream.

No time for cabin fever with these fun activities!