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B. Unexpected: A Different Way to Look at Toys

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We love celebrating children’s individuality, which is often expressed through how they play. Since every little one is unique in their very own way, the same toy can be used differently depending on who is holding it. But the toy itself can also take on a new life in the hands of the same toddler.

So for a fresh spin on playtime, we put aside the instruction guides and put on our creative caps to give you 5 unexpected play ideas that feature some of our favorite toys!

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Critter Catchers: Grabbing Race

This throw and catch game is originally meant for two players, but it can be used just as well for some solo fun. To sprinkle a little excitement into everyday tasks, your kiddo can slip on both Critter Catchers and see how many groceries they can unpack or how fast they can put away their toys by using the paddles instead of their hands! Not to mention that this game can also come into play to foster some friendly competition between siblings.

Colossal Cruiser & Sands Ahoy: Gardening Galore

Spring is on the doorstep, which, for some parents, means that it’s time to dust off the tools in the gardening shed and get planting. To show your child the gardening ropes with a playful twist, you can encourage them to plant flowers or vegetables with you by using our Colossal Cruiser truck and the accessories that come with. They can load up and carry soil or tools in the truck’s container, use the shovel and rake to plant the seeds, water the soil with the bucket, or decorate the garden with the ocean-themed molds!

Woofer on the Gogo: Birdies on the Gogo

If your mini biologist is a fan of exploring all things nature, then why not set up a bird feeder in the comfort of your own backyard? While you can build one with wood or create one using a plastic bottle, our ride-on suitcase can also transform into a spot where birds can snack! You can simply set it out on the lawn, pop it open, place water and birdseed inside, and wait for a hungry birdie to fly by. And because this toy is lightweight, you can also try to use the handy handle and hang it on a branch!

Squish and Splash: Storytime

With a name like Squish and Splash, using these toys for bath time is a given. But what if bathing was taken out of the equation? In addition to splashing around, you can use these animal buddies in a simple game that’ll fuel your little one’s imagination. Place them all in a bag or a bin and tell your child to fish out two or three of them with their eyes closed. Then, encourage them to come up with a story on the spot by using the characters they “pulled out of the hat!”

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Beautifloor: H for House

Practicing your ABCs as you wobble around is one thing – but what about learning the alphabet in a little house of your own? Because the interlocking tiles on this mat are easy to put together and take apart, you can build up instead of staying flat on the floor! Create a house, a fort, a ball pit, a sculpture of giant blocks, or any other structure your child dreams up. (You can also pop the letters out for a unique spin on windows!)

Skippy Doo Da: Theatre Time

Hop, skip, Double Dutch, and… a theatre production! Together with hours of jumpy fun, our light-up jump rope can become an important part of your little actor’s next play! All you need is a couple of chairs and a light bed sheet. Put the chairs at a distance that equals the width of the sheet, tie the jump rope to both chairs, and hang the sheet over it to recreate a theatre curtain. Then use the setup for a puppet show, shadow play, or as a way for your toddler to dramatically come on stage!

There is no one way to play with a toy – just press the creativity button and you’ll see!

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