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We applaud all of the parents who embraced this new normal and turned into at-home workers, temporary teachers, and part-time playmates. Staying at home with the little ones and juggling parenting, remote work, or caring for loved ones is a different experience for every parent. To dive into these experiences, we asked the parents on our team about staying at home with their kids, the bumps on the road, and how to drive over them.

Here is what they shared:

“My favorite part about staying at home with my son while I work remotely is seeing him waddle over to my desk throughout the day (he just started walking). And every morning, he greets me with his BIG smile, rosy cheeks, and then reaches out for a hug. It’s so nice to spend my work day with the people I love the most and having the liberty to hug and kiss ‘em at all hours of the day!” 


“Being at home with my daughter during this time has changed my day in many ways. As I am the only parent at home with her, I have had to balance my work along with her basic, daily needs. A challenge – to say the least – is that I am forced to split my attention in more ways than one, i.e.: e-mails, diaper changes, snack time, and of course organizing activities to keep her busy!”


Jenny Son
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“The positive side of our current situation is all the extra time spent with my children! I have gained hours with my children I never otherwise would have. I have almost tripped over my toddler because she is so stuck to me!”


“It isn’t just about having patience outside, while you wait in line at a grocery store or wait for the lockdown to be over. It’s also about having patience inside, with loved ones, with ourselves, and with all the changes in our daily lives now. It’s about having patience with a good attitude – that’s the challenge!”  


Others have also given their tips and tricks on how to manage a different day-to-day:

“My advice would be to have a daily schedule and routine. It’s easier for my kids to anticipate the day when they know what’s coming. Make the bed in the morning, have a healthy breakfast, brush your teeth, and then focus on e-learning. Step outside every 90 minutes or so, then it’s time for a homework review, a walk with the dog, and helping out with cleaning the kitchen in the evening before TV or Fortnite with friends. And most importantly – DO NOT interrupt Daddy or Mommy during e-meetings!”


“Working from home with my two-year old is definitely a challenge. We established a routine, mixing our work schedules with his, to guide him through the day. My piece of advice is this: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be working exactly the same way as you did in the office! You have to adjust. Yes, your work might take longer to get completed or you might have to pause your work to fetch a 4th snack. You are not in your typical work environment and you’re parenting fulltime simultaneously, so find what works best for you!”


Finding what works best for you is indeed a good thing to do! There is no one answer, but what’s comforting to keep in mind is that we’re all in this together.

Veronique Son

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