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Fall Fun: Educational Activities for Kids

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From corn mazes and pumpkin patches to hot cups of tea and stunning scenery, fall is surely a time for both outdoor and indoor fun. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of exciting – and educational – autumn activities for your kiddos to enjoy! Put on your jackets, grab your imagination, and get ready to make the most of this cozy and colorful season as a family.

Here are our top 5 fall activities for kids:

Leafy Collection

What’s fall without hopping into a pile of leaves? As nature gets ready for winter, a ton of leaves will fall to the ground, creating the perfect opportunity to head out on a leaf hunt with your toddler! Take a bucket or roll down the street with a big toy truck and encourage your little explorer to collect as many different leaves as they can. To put an educational spin on this classic activity, you could also take this time to teach your child about different types of trees such as a maple, a birch, a sycamore, an ash, and much more. Depending on your findings, you could then make a fall-inspired masterpiece or press them into heavy books to save for later. And if you have a whole lot of leaves in your front yard or backyard – you know what to do. Rake. Pile. Jump!

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Sidewalk Sports  

Although days are becoming a wee bit shorter, there’s still plenty of time for outdoor play! You and your family can easily stay active during this colorful season – all you need are warm clothes and a few sporty toys to get everyone going. Organize a bowling match in the backyard, play a ring toss game in the driveway, flick a flying disc in the park, bounce a ball back and forth on the playground, or break into teams and go head-to-head in a round of street hockey. (No hockey sticks? No problem! Just use a kid-friendly broom or mop.) Not only will everyone be breathing in the fresh ‘n’ crisp fall air, but your little ones will be improving their physical development as they run, toss, score, and play.

Apple Art

Speaking of the great outdoors, fall is also the season for picking pretty apples – and not just for eating. First things first, head on over to a nearby orchard and fill up on these yummy fruits as a family. (If picking is not an option, simply go to your local grocery store and grab a few apples there.) Once you’re back home, put some aside for a lil’ art project. Then, gather your materials: a couple of apples, paint, a paint brush, and paper. Lay it all out on a table or set up an art corner with an easel, chop the apples lengthwise and across, get your kiddo to paint the flat side of the fruits with the brush, and show them how to make apple stamps by pressing the painted side on paper! Hang their apple art up on the fridge or re-create the same patterns on a t-shirt, tea towel, or tote bag using fabric paint.

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Creative Cooking

On those chillier days, stay cozy at home and get creative in the kitchen with a fun activity that’s sure to tickle your little one’s senses. Take a deep dive into your pantry and pull out an assortment of items with fall colors. These can be orange dried fruits, yellow pasta, brown rice, mixed beans, different cereals, a variety of colorful spices, and more. You can pop all of these items into one sensory bin and let your kiddo explore the different colors, textures, smells, and even tastes (with supervision, of course). Or you can take it an imaginative step further and pretend cook with these ingredients! Spend the afternoon as your mini cook’s sous-chef, whip up creative dishes in a play kitchen, then serve it all up for a fun feast. Not only will this activity improve your child’s sensory development, but it can also teach them about the important life skill of cooking!

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Seasonal Show

Keep the creative self-expression flowing by putting together a fall-themed musical production! Set the scene by decorating a part of your home (or backyard) with all things autumn – colorful leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, red and orange pillows or throws, etc. Just make sure to leave room for a mini ‘stage’ where your little one can perform! Then pick outfits based on fall colors, create a setlist of educational songs about the season, bust out kid-friendly musical instruments, and get this show on the road! Play music and sing songs with your lil’ performer or enjoy the show as an audience member. Either way, this musical activity will let your toddler express themselves creatively, expand their vocabulary, and gain more confidence.

We hope you have tons of fun this season with these thematical activities! Just be sure to share your beauti-fall family moments with us by tagging us @mybtoys.

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