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B. Unexpected Part II: A Different Way to Look at Toys

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You might think that toys such as a ring toss game or an insect catching kit come with a single purpose – to toss rings or catch critters. And you would be right! But if you scratch beneath the surface, toys can most certainly surprise and delight you in ways you did not expect. 

For the second part of our B. Unexpected series, we decided to dig a lil’ deeper and look at 5 of our summer toys to share unusual play ideas related to each one. 

Woo-Hue Parachute: Fun Fort

Turn our parachute into a colorful fortSecure a long pole to the ground, make sure the center of the parachute is at the top of the pole, and stretch out the sides to create a cone-shaped tent. Or build a fort by placing two chairs back-to-back at a distance, then drape the parachute over them and secure it with clips so that it doesn’t slip off. A few steps and you’ll have a special hideaway for little ones where they can play, read, nap, and dream up fun adventures.

Bug Bungalow: Scavenger Hunt

Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor scavenger hunts! And we’ve got the play set that can help kids transport all of the itty-bitty treasures they need to find. If the hunt is nature-focused and includes items such as a leaf or a flower, they have less chances of drying out, thanks to the mesh case. And the tweezers come into play when one of the items they find is a bit wet or has some dirt on it! Not to mention that the case is easy to carry around, thanks to the handy handle

BX1590 Kid b 1
BX1924 LS A

Clean ‘n’ Play: Ball Game

For this ball game, you’ll need players and items: our colorful broom, bright red dustpan, and a ball. One player can toss the ball using the broom, while the other has to intercept it with the dustpan! You can either play a throw-and-catch game or sprinkle in a bit of competition by turning the dustpan holder into a goalie who scores a point each time they stop the ball. Either way, tons of fun is guaranteed! 

Sling-a-Ring Toss: Tic-Tac-Toe

If you ever wanted to play a large version of Tic-Tac-Toe, you’re in luck. Pieces of our ring toss set can easily be used for an outdoor version of this classic game! Whether you’re playing in the backyard or out in the nature, the first step is creating a 3 x 3 square grid out of string, sticks, or other items you have on hand. Then you can simply use the rings from our set as the Os and the pegs as unconventional Xs to play! 

Disc-Oh!: Picnic Plates

You can often find flying discs at a picnic, camping trip or backyard barbeque. And what else is often found during those times? Snacks! Well, turns out there’s a way to combine the two. After a few games, you can take the disc, wash it (thoroughly!), flip it, and use it as a plate as you snack on outdoor treats! A flying disc can easily hold a sandwich, a few muffins, fruits, and more – especially if you bring our 4-piece flying disc set along on your next adventure!

Has the little one in your life been using B. toys in creative ways? Share your family’s unexpected play ideas by tagging us @mybtoys!

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