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5 Spring Toys for Toddlers & Kids

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Spring is in full swing and we have just the thing for kids to soak in all of that sunshine while having tons of playful fun! We’ve rounded up our top spring toys for children that will keep them active, spark their imaginations, and help ‘em learn a little something along the way. 

Here are our top 5 toys for the spring season:

Poppin’ Paddles 

Paddle Ball Game 

The backyard? The beach? The pool? With these colorful paddles, you don’t need to choose! This outdoor and indoor game is lightweight, waterproof and ready for all kinds of springtime fun. Kiddos can pop the silly balls from paddle to paddle if they’re playing with a buddy, sibling, or family member, or they can practice precision by bouncing the ball with one paddle and making sure they catch it every time. This set can be taken anywhere kids want to play this spring! And all of the running, catching, jumping, and bouncing is sure to keep them active all season long. 

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Loaders & Floaters 

Toy Trucks and Boat

Looking for more versatile – and shareable – toys to take on your spring adventuresThis toy trio can help you with that! Loaders & Floaters is a playset that comes with three mini vehicles – a front-end loader, dump truck, and a boat. The toy trucks have movable parts for digging and loading, and the boat easily floats on water. Kids can load up the fun at home, roll in the backyard, swim in the pool, and play wherever they go! The small size makes ‘em easily portable, while having in set makes these vehicles simple to share between siblings or buddies.  

Chop ‘n’ Play: Vegetables  

Choppable Play Food

Spring is known as the time for growing and harvesting fresh produce, and it’s also a great time to introduce children to gardening and teach them about how food grows. And while you’re waiting for the fruits – or veggies – of your labor to reach the plate, you can help little ones learn about food through play with our Chop ‘n’ Play set! This kit comes with 6 wooden vegetables that you can use to show kiddos how each one grows and where they can be found (the grocery store isn’t the only place, after all!). Once the lesson is over, you can then step into the shoes of their sous-chef and create a make-believe meal!

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Cali Cat Playset  

Plush Cat, Book and Tea Set

Tea for two? Yes, please! This sweet ‘n’ colorful set comes with tea cups, cupcakes, a book, and a plush pal to share it all with. Get inspired by Cali Cat’s story and organize a garden party for kids this season. To set the stage, place a little table with chairs outside, decorate as you please, bring out the cups, and serve some sweet treats – just make sure Cali’s got a dessert too! Not only will kids breathe in the fresh, spring air as they sip on yummy tea, but having a garden party can help them develop their communication skills and stretch their imaginations. 


Cleaning Toys

What is spring without a lilspring cleaningAnd this tropical set has the essentials children need to lend a helping hand with chores around the houseKiddos can sweep with the toucan broom, get into the trickier spots with the peacock hand broom, and put away any mess with the help of the bright red dustpan. But chores done the classic way might not generate too much enthusiasm – so we’ve got a twist for you. You can make cleaning fun by turning it into a game! Even something as simple as a ball can do the trick. As you’re sweeping a room, toss it back and forth with the brooms. Or dive into pretend play and tell your Super Cleaners that they need to save the house from clutter! 

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No matter how you decide to celebrate this blooming season, we hope you soak in lots of sunshine and have tons of fun as a family! 

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