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Tips & Tricks: How to Manage the End of the School Year

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Spring and warm weather are well underway and summer is on the horizon. This means that kids might be getting excited about their upcoming vacation… and who could blame them? The sunny season is filled with fun and family time! But that doesn’t mean school should take backseat in these coming weeks – which is why we prepared some tips and tricks to make sure learning stays at the top of the list until the end of the school year!

Maintain a routine

To stay engaged during this period, we recommend sticking to a routine. Whether children are learning remotely or going to class, making sure that certain parts of the day remain the same will help them stay on track. From a specific wake-up time to designated hours for homework, a daily routine is key for kids!

Take outdoor breaks

Whether it’s for children or adults, breaks are must when it comes to learning or working for long periods of time. The sunshine and fresh air can give kids the boost of energy they need to sustain or regain their motivation. Not to mention, spending time in the backyard or going for a quick walk can satisfy their craving for outdoor fun!
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Acknowledge good work

Confidence boosts are always welcome! If you see that your kid is doing a good job with a project or homework, telling them that can lead to more self-confidence and pride in what they’re doing. In turn, a positive outlook on their schoolwork can generate excitement and help them focus all the way until their last class.

Play and learn

Take every opportunity to learn by playing educational games or inviting learning toys to the party! You can put a puzzle together to practice shape recognition and improve concentration. Maybe build a marble run and introduce kids to the basics of engineeringOr give them chance to let their artistic side shine with musical instruments or drawing boards! 

Talk about it

For the mini students who love to learn, finishing the school year and saying a (temporary) bye-bye to their friends and teachers could actually make ‘em a little sad. This is where you can swoop in and save the day with a simple conversation! We recommend acknowledging those frowny feelings and calming kiddos by saying that it will all restart in a few months.

Look back

Another way to keep things positive at the end of the school year is looking back on all the fun stuff that took place in the past months. Take a trip down memory lane by asking kids what were their top 10 memories of this school year. Remembering the good times is sure to put a smile on their faces, and noting it all down can make for a great memento!
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Thank your teacher(s)

Showing appreciation for the people who guide children on their roads to success is also a great end-of-school-year activity! Although you as a parent or family member can write a thank-you note, get a teacher a gift, or volunteer at school, we suggest involving your kiddo in the process to make it more special. Write and decorate a note together or ask them how they would like to thank their teacher. Could be anything from an art project to a musical performance!


When the last day of class comes around, plan a fun celebration to mark the end of the school year! You can organize a (safe) picnic with your child’s schoolmates, with yummy treats and outdoor games for everyone to play. Or keep it close-knit with a family celebration! As long as the event has a festive and congratulatory feel, a good time is guaranteed!
We at B. wish you all a great end of school wrap-up and a fantastic summer vacation ahead!

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