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Thanking Your Teachers: 5 Fun Ideas for Kids

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We want to start off with a round of virtual applause for teachers and educators all around: you’ve done an incredible job in this unusual past year! Through ups and downs, challenges and victories, teachers guided little ones, helped them navigate a different reality, and made learning a priority. For that, we want to say thanks – and help kiddos say thank you as well.  Here are 5 kid-friendly ways to thank your teachers at the end of the school year:  
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Thank You Card

Classics are classic for a reason, and a thank you card had to make it on the list! But we recommend approaching it with a crafty twist. Together with your piece of paper, we suggest busting out stickers, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, and all sorts of craft supplies to decorate the card and make it stand out. Once the design is finalized and the message is written inside, you can either deliver it to your teacher in person on the last day of school or mail it to give this act of kindness an old-school touch. If your child is more tech-savvy however, another option is to design a thank-you note online and email it! 
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Pretty Picture

If your kiddo is very visual, you can switch out a message for a hand-drawn or painted picture! Little ones can draw a portrait of their teacher, make an image of them together, paint their whole class, go for a representation of their school, or recreate an artsy version of any school-related memory they believe will be special to their teacher. Not only will kids be putting their artistic skills to the test, but drawing or painting can also spark their creativity and improve their fine motor skills! And if you want to take it up a notch presentation-wise, you could even frame their mini masterpiece before giving it to their teacher.

Fun Scrapbook

Another way to visually say thanks is with a colorful scrapbook! If you have school-related photographs from the past year, mini projects, or aced homework assignments, then grab a scrapbook and fill it with educational fun! You can also add in little notes next to the pictures and clippings, to explain why those particular moments were memorable. And given that there are so many pages to work with, you can even ask the families of your kiddo’s classmates if their children would like to participate! That way, an educator can have something special from each of the little ones that they teach. 

Musical Performance

If you have a mini musician in the family, this one’s for them. Together with your kids, pick a song about gratitude or one that they sang in their class, grab some kid-friendly musical instruments, and take the stage! (PS: Kids will likely need your help and guidance (or even participation!) to make sure the end result is rockin’.) Because performing it in front of their teacher (or teachers) might be tricky, we recommend rehearsing the musical number, filming it, and sending a video as a gift. This way, teachers will be able to look back on it and smile! 
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Sweet Treat

Children can also say thank you in a sweet way – with a baked treat! Baking, cooking, or simply purchasing little treats is a great way to thank a few teachers at the same time. Just make sure to respect allergies and dietary restrictions! Although parents or family members would be taking the reins with this activity, it is fun to pick a kid-friendly recipe so that children can actively participate. Traditional choices such as cookies and cupcakes have a great track record, and you can easily find recipes for vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, or other options if need-be. Wouldn’t finishing the year on a yummy note be great?
The end of the school year comes around only once a year, but teachers, educators, and all members of the education system inspire us every single day. 
From the entire B. team: THANK YOU! 

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