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Whether it’s a fluffy cat purring next to you on the couch, cow you see on the farm, a fox that dashes past you on a camping trip, or a majestic lion that you marvel at while watching a documentary, animals are an immense and important part of our world. From tiny critters to giant whales, we believe that animals are to be celebrated and learned from – which is why the animal kingdom has always been an inspiration for our toys. And on this year’s Earth Day, we want to take our animal-tastic toys to the next level with printable activity sheets and fun facts that’ll give play time an educational twist!

Search for words in our first-ever Word Search Activity or take out your pencils and markers to fill our Coloring Sheets with rainbows of fun. Simply download, printplay, and learn! 

Then take the learning train to the Land of B. and discover more about its paw-some locals. Here are tons of fun facts related to the animals that inspired this colorful collection:

Cat: Lolo

  • Cats spend 70% of their entire lives snoozing! 
  • They can jump up to 6 times their length!
  • Cats have very powerful night vision. 

Dog: Woofer

  • Dogs can feel both sad and happy – just like us! 
  • Dogs can understand words, signals, and hand movements. 
  • There are around 200 different dog breeds! 
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Frog: Jax

  • Frogs have been around since the time of dinosaurs. 
  • Bears aren’t the only ones who hibernate – frogs do it too! 
  • Frogs don’t drink water, but absorb it through their skin! 

Panda: Bingo

  • Pandas usually eat one single thing: bamboo. 
  • Despite their big size, pandas are great climbers! 
  • Their white fur helps them hide in the snow, while the black fur helps ‘em hide in the shade. 

Hippo: Sunny

  • Hippopotamuses can weight up to 7000 lbs.! (That’s about 3 small cars, by the way.) 
  • Their sweat doubles as natural sunscreen! 
  • Hippos are great swimmers and can hold their breath for about 5 minutes underwater. 

Giraffe: Bonnie

  • Giraffes are the tallest land animal. 
  • They’re herbivores and mainly eat tree leaves and buds. 
  • Male giraffes are called bulls, females are called cows, and babies are called calves! 
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Fox: Dash

  • Foxes are nocturnal animals – they’re wide awake while we’re asleep! 
  • They live in underground dens or inside old trees. 
  • Foxes make over 20 different calls to communicate with each other! 

We hope you join us in celebrating Earth Day and the animals that trot, run, climb, crawl, swim, and fly all over our B.eautiful planet! 

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