Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we wanted to celebrate motherhood this year with a twist – by putting little ones in the spotlight. We asked the moms of our mini fans to tell us what was the funniest and sweetest things their kids have ever said to them… and the results are sure to bring about both “awwwwws” and “HA-HAs”. 

Here are the memories that made them giggle:

So, Sophia doesn’t talk yet, but she is very expressive! She screams Mama! and Agua! when I drink my water around her. She also shushes me when I talk. She uses her index fingerpoints at her mouth and goes Shhhhshhh!  

Michelle @lifewithpia 

While sitting, he says his own name – “Advik sit” – because his teacher says so 😅 

Deepika @themoms_world

Girl with wooden walker.
Boy in chef costume in toy kitchen.

One day, when we went to a restaurant, he said, Why do they call them waiters when we are the ones who wait?” 😝 

Rajkumari @kushal0520

Addy told us that, Haley better listen or else you be groundhog did! (Instead of grounded.) 😂 

Casey @sistersurprize

Mommy, can I help you? – when she’s the one who wants help 😂  

Samantha @samanthaafuller

And here are the moments that made moms melt:

“I love you the most, Mom. But don’t tell daddy, grandma and grandpa. They will be sad. But I really love you the most.” 🥰 

Jay @jheyana

“I love you!” At not even 2 years old, she says it so well ❤️

Samantha @samanthaafuller

When he was 4 years old, he said that he knew how to spell “TV.” When I asked him to spell ithe said, TV is spelled TV!

Rajkumari @kushal0520

Girl sitting in toy truck.
Boy with toy bowling set.

Every morning or night he wishes us “Monin” and “Nightnight!”

Deepika @themoms_world

“I will take care of you and the baby!” (Referring to my pregnant belly 🥺 ) 

Brinda @theshaleenadiaries

She’s starting to say “Thank you!” and it’s the cutest thing ever! 

Tiffany @twotsinapodd

Addy told me that I am her angel because I serve her food all the time. 💕 

Casey @sistersurprize

Out of the blue, she wrapped her arms around my neck and said “I love you mommy!” 

Llakel @daylee.laniyah

What’s the silliest or sweetest thing your child has ever said to you? Share the fun by tagging us @mybtoys! 

Two girls with ring toss game.

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