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6 Spring Break Activities for Families

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Ah, spring break. The time when winter starts to say goodbye and we start saying hello to warmer temperatures and sunny skiesA time to put some tasks on pause and enjoy time with our families. And even though this B.eautiful break might look different depending on where you are this year, we’ve got you covered. 

Here is a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to try out this spring break: 

Family Spa Day

Recreate the spa experience without stepping out of the house! Slip on your fuzziest robes, put on comfy slippers, press play on soothing music, and you’re ready for a relaxing day. Depending on what you and your kids prefer, you can set up different ‘spa stations’ for each family member to enjoy or go from one to the other and try ‘em all. You can mesmerize kiddos with colorful bath bombs and run bubble baths (quick tip: extra bubbles = extra fun!). Or you can channel popular movies and lie down with cucumber slices on your eyes! And if your children are a bit older, you could also make face masks from natural products such as avocados, oils, oats, or honey. No matter how you choose to unwind, this activity is sure to come with many fun photo opportunities!

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Indoor Camping

Put a twist on traditional camping by turning your living room into a campground! First things first, you’ll need a tent – and B. Outdoorsy fits the fun bill (don’t be fooled by the name, this tent is built for the indoors too!). Set it up at home, fill it with comfy quilts and pillows, and add fairy lights for a magical touch. To make the experience that much more immersive, you can carve out some time for an artsy project and make a crafty campfireOnce everything is ready to go, simply crawl into the tent, get cozy, play games, make music by the ‘campfire,’ enjoy yummy s’mores, or read bedtime stories until little ones drift off to the land of dreams.

Movie Marathon

Some things are classic for a reason – you simply can’t go wrong with movies! What we suggest is taking movie-time to a whole new level. Instead of picking a single film, we would go for a kid-friendly series or pick a theme (such as Under the Sea) and choose several films that relate to it. If you want to take it further, we also suggest dressing up according to the themeAssemble outfits based on what you already have and create crafty accessories if need-be. Then stretch out the craft party by making colorful decorations to spruce your movie-viewing area. And as the ‘cherry on top,’ you can also whip up some themed snacks to munch on s you watch the films!

Chalk Art

Take creativity outdoors by working on a spring break-long masterpiece! Grab colorful chalk, step into the sunshine, and draw the days away. To sprinkle in a small challenge, each family member can take turns adding to the overall drawing. One person starts it, gets creative, then lets someone else take over the next day. You can either respect a theme, or give each artist creative freedom – as long as all of the parts link together at the end for the big revealDraw a landscape, animals, objects, patterns and so much more! The end result is sure to be surprising. Not to mention that everyone will get a healthy dose of Vitamin D as they soak in the spring sun!

Backyard Games

For a more active take on outdoor fun, we suggest games that get the whole family moving. You can take turns aiming and tossing colorful rings to score points with our Sling-a-Ring Toss play setTo make sure everyone gets a fair toss, simply alternate the 3 rings between all of the players – the first one to score 50 points wins the round and the first to win 10 rounds wins the entire game! Then pop fuzzy balls from paddle to paddle with our smiley hand trampoline setYou can also use them as flying discs or play with these paddles in the pool. And if you want to go BIG, take out our Woo-Hue Parachute for kids! This rainbow-colored set comes with 15 lightweight balls and features 12 handles, so that the whole family can easily join in on the fun

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Scenic Drives

Last but not least, we vote for mini road trips – without a particular destination! Since it’s still somewhat tough to travel, you can discover places not far from home from the comfort of your own car. Pack up some snacks, grab portable toys, and hit the road. As you drive, you can simply enjoy the scenery or add in extra fun with car gamesGo with the timeless “I Spy” activity – simply pick an object you see on the road and get little ones to guess it. Or prep in advance and take printed sheets with you to play BINGO on the go. Either create your own or use a template – just make sure it features things you’d generally find outdoors such as a tree, bridge, wild animal, and much more!

We hope these activity ideas inspire you this year, and we wish you all a wonderful spring break!

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