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Kid-Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

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Kids drifting off to sleep usually means that parents can take care of some to-dos, relax, or turn in early themselves. But not on the eve of April 1stThis special evening is made for prepping kid-friendly pranks! And we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you with the task. Warning: you may witness a LOT of surprised faces the next day. 

Here are 10 silly April Fool’s Day pranks for kids:

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Sticky Situation: Kids are known to leave their toys on the floor from time to time… So why not make them stay there for the day? Take double-sided tape and stick the toys to the floor, exactly as you found them – just make sure that you can easily remove the tape after the prank.

Jelly Juice: Grab your kiddo’s cup, pour in a juice they like, put in a straw, and add a secret ingredient: gelatin. Leave it in the fridge overnight, then give them a jellified version of their juice in the morning!

Frozen Feast: Stay on the food path and prepare your child’s favorite meal a day in advance. Pop the meal in a freezer-safe bowl or plate and add in a fork or spoon – it needs to look as though you’re about to put it on the table. But instead, place it in the freezer and give them a “frozen treat” for lunch the next day!

Pop-Pop-Pop: Popping the lil’ bubbles on bubble wrap is a fun activity that never gets old, but we have a twist for you this year. Instead of popping it with their fingers, let kids do it with their toes! Simply place a few sheets under a carpet or bath mat and wait for them to walk by.

Salt ‘n’ Sugar: You can’t go wrong with this classic prank – simply take the containers where you keep your sugar and salt and switch the contents. Then find a moment in the day when someone needs a sprinkle of sugar or salt and just wait for that facial expression. 

Silly Switcheroo: You can also switch clothes! This joke is great for little siblings, but you can also prank a kid and a parent. All you need to do is take clothes from one drawer and put the other person’s belongings in their place. The confusion is sure to cause a few laughs!

Sweet Tooth: Prepare a sweet surprise for children by replacing their toothpaste with dessert! Squeeze out some of their toothpaste and carefully put vanilla frosting in its place. Knowing kids, this might actually be a welcome surprise! 

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Rockin’ Candy: The main step here is finding candy or a sweet treat that resembles rocks. Then step out of the house “in search of some rocks” and come back carrying a handful of candy. Tell kiddos that you found rocks, grab one, bite into it, and enjoy the shocked faces! 

Small Size: If you’re planning to head out on April Fools’ Day, then make your little one’s shoes a size too small! All you have to do is grab some toilet paper, crumple it up, and stuff it in a pair of shoes or sneakersYou’ll want to be there when they try to put them on! 

Splashy Sip: This trick works for both kids and adults – and all you need is a bottle of water. Take a plastic bottle, fill it up with water, poke tiny holes in it using a pinand leave it in a visible spot. Things will get splashy for the first person who grabs it!

Capture children’s reactions and share them by tagging us @mybtoysHappy April Fool’s Day! 

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