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From Parents, to Parents: New Year’s Goals for 2021

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The start of a new year inspires many to jot down or type up a list of goals to meet in the coming months. We tend to see the same ones pop up year after year (flossing regularly, anyone?), but because 2020 was so unpredictable, the resolutions for 2021 are looking a little different than those from previous years
For the parents on our team, goals for the upcoming year stem from lessons learned in 2020 – here is what they shared:
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“The definition of parenting changed drastically in 2020 for a lot of parents with younger children. Managing online classes with online work during confinement has been a tough challenge, but it has some positives, such as plenty of time together as a family. Time we will remember and wish we had when the ‘normal’ comes back. My goal for 2021 is to remember this, and to make the best of the time we have as a family. Guillaume
“Play more. My son is almost 2 and is fascinated with blocks, books and ‘cooking.’ Every morning, while I get ready for work, he makes me a ‘coffee’ and brings me ‘breakfast’ – it’s the sweetest thing. He will waltz in the room with a little plastic cup and plastic broccoli on a plate and say, “coffee Mama.” I can see how much he enjoys playing, and I want to keep that spark in him all year round!”  Jenny
“My New Year’s goal for 2021 is to definitely spend more time with my kids. By that I mean playing along with them when they are playing with their toys and doing more outdoor activities. I realized during the holidays that my kids and I were at our happiest because we got to spend more time together, doing things as a family, rather than them playing on their own.”   Maria
“My goals are very basic, but they’re also BIG steps for my child: remove diapers, sleep all night, and learn more words! I hope that this crazy moment passes, so that she can have kids playing with her.”  Ananda
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“My parenting goals for this year include guiding my toddler in potty training! We reached that milestone. Yeah! I also want to include more playtime with my kid. Playtime is restorative for both the kid and the parents. Sometimes the dirty dishes can wait! The time will come soon when the kiddo will not want to play with his parents anymore – they are little only once!”  Véronique
“If we are home again because of the pandemic, I will make sure to kiss my little one every half hour!”  Lori
What are your goals for 2021? Share your New Year’s resolutions with us by tagging us @mybtoys

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