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Food Art for Kids: Spring Celebration

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing. Springtime is here! And what better way to celebrate it than… with food! But we’re not simply recommending fresh and colorful recipes (although that’s wonderful too!). We’re suggesting turning food into art by creating spring-themed illustrations using everyday ingredients. Here are 3 fun ways to play with food (yes, this time it’s a-okay):

Flowery Feast

Springtime means warmer temperatures, and warmer temperatures mean that flowers start blooming! As you put together this masterpiece, you can tell kiddos about how trees grow leaves and plants flower during this wonderful season.  What you’ll need: 
  • Petals: cheese slices (without holes!) 
  • Centers: cherry tomatoes 
  • Leaves: salad leaves 
  • Stems: green onions 
  • Critter: strawberry and blueberries

Beautiful Birdies

Spring is also a time when birds fly back home after a long winter away! Add of dash of educational fun to the artistic activity by making a bird out of food and explaining the process of seasonal migration to kids.    What you’ll need: 
  • Bird: slice of bread 
  • Beak: piece of cheese
  • Wing: strawberry 
  • Eye: blueberry 
  • Nest: dry spaghetti 
  • Sun: orange
  • Decoration: salad leaves

Tasty Rainbow

Whether you’re a child or an adult, seeing a rainbow is always a magical experience! As you help children with each section, you can reveal some of that magic by explaining how the combination of rain and sun forms this colorful phenomenon.  What you’ll need (in order): 
  • Red: strawberries 
  • Orange: oranges 
  • Yellow: pineapple 
  • Green: kiwis 
  • Blue: blueberries 
  • Indigo: blackberries 
  • Violet: grapes 
Once you’ve created these delicious works of art – and took a few snapshots for the upcoming exhibition, of course – it’s time to dive in and eat! After all, eating fruits and veggies can be much more exciting when they’re served with so much fun.

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