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5 Must-Have Toys for a Baby Registry

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Calling all parents to be, family members, and friends who are expecting to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world this year! Getting ready for this moment is no easy feat (how does that to-do list keep growing and growing, right?), so we want to lend a helping hand in the toy department. 
Our B. baby collection features colorful, cozy, and cute toys that will keep your baby company – whether they’re snoozing in the crib, strolling in a stroller, playing at home, and much more. 
Here are 5 top toys we recommend adding to your baby registry: 

Soothe ‘n’ Smile

This lil’ duo doubles as a soothing remedy for aches and pains that come with teething! These teethers feature grooves ‘n’ bumps that’ll soothe a baby’s gums and each one has a smooth matte finish that makesem soft to the touch. 
  • Made of 100% natural rubber with food-grade paint 
  • Colors, textures, and squeaky sounds to explore 
  • Lightweight and tiny hands-friendly 
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B. Snugglies

The benefits of a security blanket go beyond providing warmth for little ones! The familiarity of a lovey also provides safety and comfort, and having a special blankie can even help lessen the stress a baby is feeling as they’re discovering the world around them.
  • Super soft and made of worry-free materials 
  • Engages the senses of sight, touch, and hearing 
  • Machine-washable 
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Whirly Pop

Sometimes all a baby is looking for are buttons, lights, and sounds! So look no further than this colorful activity station – it’s sure to spark a baby’s curiosity and will keep them busy for hours on end.
  • Lights, sounds, and interactive activities
  • Ball popper, bead spiral, and instrument buttons
  • Comes with suction cups that keeps it in place
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One Two Squeeze

These baby blocks are designed for little hands and curious minds. Each textured and sensory block is an educational experience, featuring 60 embossed images in total. Discover stars, hearts, pups, crocs, and much more!
  • Shapes, numbers, animals, and textures 
  • Easy to grasp and safe to chew on 
  • Set comes in a reusable storage bag 
BX1481 LS Kid a 3

Wobble ‘n’ Go

A pair of wobbly ‘n’ chatty pals that are sure to keep tiny crawlers busy! The kitty “meows,” the puppy “woofs,” and both of these plush buddies encourage babies to crawl and stay active.
  • Stuffed animals that move when you press on their backs 
  • Introduces the concept of cause-and-effect 
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included) 
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We wish you all the very best in these exciting times and we hope to see B. toys join you on the journey!

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