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Top Baby Names of 2022

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Picking a name for the little one coming into your life is no easy feat – there are SO many ideas to choose from! You can go down the historic route and pick a classic name that has stood the test of time. Maybe ride the trendy wave and choose a name that’s cute ‘n’ contemporary. Or dig deep to find a unique name no one has uncovered yet.
To lend you a helping hand along the way, we did a bit of digging ourselves. After searching high and low, we compiled a list of the top girl, boy, and gender-neutral baby names of 2022: 
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Girl Names

Ava  Luna  Lily  Maeve  Aurelia  Amelia  Ivy  Nova  Mia  Lilibet  Alina  Isabella  Isla  Violet  Emma  Sofia  Zoey  Scarlett  Charlotte  Gianna 

Boy Names

Arlo  Theodore  Lucas  Oliver  Ezra  Levi  Milo  Noah  Liam  Asher  Grayson  Leo  Soren  Oscar  Otto  Hugo  Rowan  Jayden  James  Zion 

Gender-Neutral Names

Bailey  Billie  Henley  Kai  River  Jesse  Blake  Aidan  Noel  Taylor  Sydney  Amari  Elliot  Quinn  Charlie  Parker  Emerson  Skyler  Justice   Angel 
Do you have other names in mind that didn’t make the list? Share your favorite baby names by tagging us @mybtoys 

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