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10 Tips to Get Past the Post-Holiday Blues

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With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and more all packed into a few months, it’s no surprise that kids get excited for the second half of the year – and a lil’ sad when that period is over. 
If you’ve got a kiddo in your family who’s experiencing the post-holiday blues, we’ve got 10 tips that’ll help turn tiny frowns upside down! 
1. Validate their feelings and acknowledge their emotions! Although adults tend to refer to post-holiday blues with a bit of silliness, this experience can be quite real for little ones. 
2. The holidays are often about family time, so carry over the fun into the new year with family activities! Whether you organize game nights or head out for wintery hikes, spending time together will echo the togetherness of the holidays. 
3. As you plan your family activities, try to include things that keep kids active. Grooving to music at home, playing a game of hopscotch, or competing in a family football tournament can surely lift the spirits! 
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4. We also recommend building traditions in addition to the holiday ones. Maybe breakfast-for-dinner every Thursday night? Or a monthly talent show featuring each family member? The options are endless! 
5. To go from sadness to smiles during the post-holiday period, you can also encourage children to send thank-you notes to those who gave them gifts. Not only will it put a positive spin on this time period, but it can also teach kids about kindness. 
6. If you want to take kindness a step further, you can also use this time to give back! During the holidays, children are often the ones to receive, so doing something such as donating older toys can show them the importance of giving. 
7. Instead of looking back, focus on what’s to come and work on New Year’s resolutions with kids! If you need a lil’ inspiration on how to get started, look no further than our recent blog post.
8. What also helps children get past the post-holiday blues is getting back to a post-holiday routine! The holidays often change a family’s daily rhythm, and falling back into the usual groove can help kids distinguish a festive period from a regular one.
9. But not everything holiday-related needs to disappear! If little ones are clearly struggling with letting go of the holidays, then we suggest keeping some of the magic alive through decorations! A string of lights here, a sparkly snow globe there… 
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10. If your child or your entire family simply can’t part with the excitement of the holidays, then spend time planning the next one! There’s no shame in being in advance and over-prepared. 
There’s nothing sweeter than a kiddo’s bright smile, so we hope you see less and less frowns in the coming weeks! 

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