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Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Toys

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The B. toys Workshop is in full holiday swing! We’ve been busy creating and crafting toys for your little ones this year and we’re now ready to spread the festive cheer. Our sleigh is packed with colorful goodies and we’ll be flying to you every week to deliver curated gift guides. This season, we want to make sure that all kiddos giggle, sing, play, and unwrap the feeling of joy – starting with the tiniest of tots.

Here are our favorite gift ideas for newborns and babies:

To Learn: Coral Cutie Book Set

Plush Bunny & Board Book

We at B. believe that it’s never too early to start learning – and why not do that with an educational story? Fluff up some pillows, grab warm blankets, and settle in for story time with Coral Cutie – a soft and snuggly plush bunny that’ll make wintertime that much cozier. Then flip through the illustrated book pages of Coral Cutie’s Ice Cream Scoops and let your baby dive into Coral’s adventures as you read. While your little one improves their listening skills, they will also learn about the colors of the rainbow, numbers 1 to 6, different animals – and of course – the sweet joys of ice cream!

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To Build: Elemenosqueeze

Building Blocks

For a more active take on learning, go for Elemenosqueeze – a colorful play set that comes with 26 educational building blocks. These embossed architectural blocks feature the letters of the alphabet, friendly animals, fun shapes, and plenty of learning opportunities. Build, play, and get into the holiday spirit with creative hands-on activities! Using the blocks, you and your kiddo can spell out thematic words (Winter! Carol! Elf! Candy!), build a geometric snowman, lay them out in the shape of a wreath, or even add a playful touch to your festive décor with the red and green blocks.

To Play: Grab & Zap

Toy TV Remote

Want to give the gift of laughter? Then just watch as your baby plays the days away with the interactive Grab & Zap! This smiley toy remote has a ton of buttons to press and discover – and a giggle with every push is guaranteed. Whether they change the channel, increase the volume, listen to numbers, laugh along to songs, or even nibble on the textured loop, this baby toy is sure to sprinkle sensory fun into playtime this season. And although tiny tots can’t take in everything a holiday meal has to offer, the loopy teether will get those gums and teeth ready for future feasts!

Toy TV remote.
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To Move: Starry Sky

Wooden Play Gym

Whether your family is chatting, eating, dancing, or singing during the holidays, make sure your little one is part of the fun by setting up the Starry Sky activity mat wherever you are! This wooden play gym is great for the babies who aren’t standing on their lil’ feet and dancing alongside you just yet, but need a cozy space for crawling, playing, and tummy time. The cotton mat makes playtime that much comfier, while the hanging toys floating above will encourage kiddos to reach up, grab, and explore. And if your holiday celebrations take you someplace other than home, this play gym is easy to assemble and can make your little one feel cozy no matter where they are.

To Cuddle: B. Snugglies

Security Blankets 

The holidays are often a time for colorful lights, sounds of all kinds, and a whole lot of excitement! The buzz can surely stimulate a baby’s senses, but it can also overwhelm them a little – which is where our cute and cuddly B. Snugglies come in. Whether you go for the smiley bunny or the happy koala, both of these soft security blankets can make your child feel safe, cozy, and comfortable. Not to mention that, if you want your baby to sleep soundly while you polish off your plate of holiday deliciousness, these loveys can help them drift off into the land of dreams.

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For more baby gift ideas, get inspired by our complete collection of soft, soothing, and sensory B. baby toys!

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