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Holiday Gift Guide: Land of B.

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It’s often said that the holidays are a magical time – so what better way to celebrate them than with magical toys? The Land of B. collection stems from an imaginary place that’s sprinkled with musical adventures and features toys inspired by its little locals such as Woofer the dog, Jax the frog, or Lolo the cat. These colorful toys give tots the opportunity to splash, dance, ride, cuddle, giggle, learn, and of course, play!  

Here are our Land of B. gift ideas for babies and toddlers:  

Tub Time Books: Numbers

Baby Bath Book (6m+) 

Give the gift of learning with a colorful bath book! This waterproof bathtime toy features Land of B. buddies who will guide your little one along the way as they familiarize themselves with numbers 1 through 6. On top of adding a splash of numerical fun to your child’s bath time, this educational book will also introduce them to different animals, insects, foods, and objects! If you want to double the learning fun (and distract a fussy bather at the same time), then flip through our other Tub Time book – Colors Just as waterproof and durable, this baby book lets your baby explore the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple!  

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Nov 25 Jax Diner

Jax’s Diner

Musical Food Truck (18m+) 

Ding-ding! Did someone order a deliciously fun gift for little foodies? This season, channel the joy of festive feasts and dig into tons of pretend play with a musical food truck. Find a place to park, pop the truck open at the back, and get ready to serve up some fun. While you order food, press the snack buttons to hear silly sounds and sing along to some tunes! Then make sure your customers are comfy by seating them at the removable table. Finally, decorate the truck with the colorful stickers to make it stand out from the playroom crowd! And once it’s time to head to a different spot, just pack it all up, close the truck at the back, and roll to your next yummy adventure.  

Fluffy Doos

Stuffed Animals (2y+) 

Wintertime is great for making blanket mountains, getting cozy, and cuddling a snuggly buddy – like one of the Fluffy DoosThis super soft ‘n’ squishy collection includes Woofer the dog, Jax the frog, Lolo the cat, and Dash the fox. These stuffed animals are the perfect companions for movie nights at home, safe travel plans (use them as lil’ pillows!), pre-dreaming cuddles, and so much more. And in case your little one decides to dine alongside their fluffy friend and accidentally makes a mini mess, you can breathe easy. All of the plush toys in this collection are machine-washable! Just pop ‘em in with your little one’s clothes and ta-da! 

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Nov 25 Puzzle Adventures

Puzzle Adventures

Puzzle Pack (3y+) 

Enjoy a classic, hands-on, and screen-free activity this season by putting together colorful puzzles! With three 24-piece puzzles, there’s enough for the whole family to join in on the solving fun. Your kiddo can lend a helping hand at the farm, sail the high seas on a pirate ship, or go on safari with their Land of B. buddies! As little ones assemble each puzzle, they’ll also be improving their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. And the learning doesn’t stop when the puzzles are complete! The illustrations feature different environments, foods, plants, and animals – tons of educational material to discover and learn about.   

Lolo’s Meowsical Mat

Floor Piano (3y+) 

What are the holidays without a lil‘ music and dancing? Lay out this jumbo piano mat at home, choose one of three keyboard modes, and move your feet while you dance to the beat! This cat mat is roomy enough for your kiddo to dance solo, to partner up with a sibling, or to dance the night away with you. As they step from key to key, they can also learn the notes A to G thanks to the large labels. Whichever way they choose to learn and play, this floor piano is sure to keep toddlers active all day! And if your kiddos are still eager to groove while you slowly switch to relaxation mode, then we’ve got two words for you: volume control. (You’re welcome.)  

Nov 25 Meowsical Mat

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