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Holiday Gift Guide: Creative Toys for 2-Year-Olds +

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For our third gift guide of the season, we are channeling the creative side of kiddos everywhere. Know a mini mover and groover who simply can’t get enough of music? Is the kiddo in your family a fan of pretend play who likes to act and do just like you? Or maybe your toddler loves to use their creativity to build big and imaginary worlds? No matter how children choose to express themselves and play, we’ve got the toys for the adventures they decide to dream up any day. 

Here are our creative gift ideas for 2-year-olds and above:  

Mini Melody Band 

Wooden Instruments 

Put a kid-friendly spin on holiday songs with a colorful set of instrumentsWith an owl-inspired xylophone, a bee-autiful tambourine, and a caterpillar harmonica, your little one has lots to choose from when it comes to musical self-expression. Whether the mini musician in your family plays as they please or you guide them through a popular songall of the tapping and shaking can get them moving, dancing, and singing too – which is great for developing their confidence and overall creativity. So share the musical fun between siblings, start a family band, and fill your home with the sound of joy and music during the holidays. 

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Clean n Play

Clean ‘n’ Play 

Wooden Cleaning Toys 

The holidays can get a lil’ messy, which makes them a great time to teach kiddos about the importance of tidying up! Toddlers tend to enjoy imitating grownups, and our wooden cleaning set gives them the opportunity to do just that while learning about household chores and the responsibility that comes withAnd making chores sound exciting to children is very doable – all you need to do is turn them into gamesIf your family loves music, simply transform the broom or mop into a microphone stand and sing while you sweep. Or make mopping fun by rolling a ball back and forth between two mops as you clean! Once your home is spick and span, you can also organize a family limbo tournament by using the cleaning tools as limbo sticks!  

Bristle Blocks: Stackadoos 

Interlocking Building Blocks 

Build up your toddler’s creativity with a 68-piece set of colorful Bristle Blocks! Your mini builder can use the soft and easy-to-connect pieces to create and re-create all sorts of fun structures. Want to build a colorful sleigh? Check! Create and hang up imaginative ornaments? Check! Construct candy canes or silly snowmen? Check and check! No matter how your family celebrates the season, this STEM toy set lets your little ones channel the holidays in whatever way they please. Not to mention that you can use these building blocks to help your kiddo discover colors and learn numbers! As they build, encourage them to say the colors of the pieces they’re holding or help them count how many blocks they’re using for a given structure!  

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Shop & Glow Toy Cart 

Toy Shopping Cart + Play Food 

There’s no longer a need to leave the house for a trip to the grocery store! This season, turn your home into a pretend playground and let your child’s imagination take them wherever they want to go. Your little shopper can hold on to the tiny hands-friendly cart and roll their way through the aisles (a.k.a. different rooms) while picking up all the food they need for a festive feast. To make the experience that much more immersive, you can divide the play food by their respective groups and designate rooms for each one. For example, place all the fruits and veggies in the living room and call it the “Produce Section!” And if you want to take pretend play – and learning life skills – a step further, then add our Mini Chef Kitchenette into the playful mix! 

Happy Drivers Trucks 

Fire Truck + Dump Truck + Cement Truck (each sold separately

Vehicles are classic toys that you simply can’t go wrong with in terms of gifting! When it comes to our sturdy and durable Happy Drivers collection, each toy truck includes a friendly character and tons of pretend play opportunities. Place the firefighters into the Fire Engine, roll to the rescue, and be a hero for the day by saving a make-believe kitten stuck in the tree or by putting out a pretend fire down the street. Then lend a helping hand to the parents by using the heavy-duty Dump Truck as a mode of transportation for holiday decorations. Or roll around your indoor or outdoor construction site with the Cement Mixer and lay the foundation for your next adventure! (Please note that each truck is sold separately.) 

Happy Drivers

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