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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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No family fills their stockings the same way, but the sweet treats and tiny treasures you leave for your toddlers to discover are sure to put a smile on their little faces this seasonAnd although we often hear that bigger is better when it comes to gifts, it’s not always the case! Sometimes the best things come in small sizes – and we’ve got a selection of cute ‘n’ colorful toys that are a great fit for your festive stockings.


Toy Car Keys  

 Jingle keys, jingle keys,  

jingle all the way!  

Oh what fun it is to press  

and play with them all day! 

Tiny hands-friendly, these realistic keys and remote are sure to spark your baby’s curiosity and sensory development this season. Easy to pop into any size stocking, these toy keys are fun to touch, discover, and play with (and Good Housekeeping agrees with us.) Once your little one explores the different textures and patterns of the keys, they can move their way up to the remote and press any of the 4 buttons to hear and enjoy different sounds. Beep-beep! And to stimulate their tiny senses even more, this baby toy includes a push-button flashlightColors, sounds, and lights – as if the holidays were packed into a single toy!

Dec 2 FunKeys
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Wood & Wheels

Wooden Vehicles 

Give the gift of classic playtime with wooden vehiclesThis colorful assortment is made up of 10 different wooden toys: a helicopter, ambulance, police car, airplane, dump truck, tow truck, excavator, steamroller, cement truck, and a fire truck. Each vehicle features realistic details, comes with moveable parts, and can spark your kiddo’s imagination. Will they fly to a magical land on the airplane? Will they roll to the rescue in the fire truck and put out the pretend fire down the street? Or will they lay the foundation for their next adventure in the cement truck? The answer is: It’s a surprise! You can receive any 1 of the 10 vehicles when you orderso get as many as you need without necessarily acquiring the entire set. 

Hi! Phone

Toy Smartphone 

Mini gadgets tend to work well as stocking stuffers, and this lil’ smartphone is no different! With a true-to-life design, fun sounds, songs, and numbers, this stocking-sized toy will not only keep your child giggling through the holidays, but it will help them learn a ton along the way. Your toddler can familiarize themselves with numbers 0 through 9 by pressing the buttons and hearing them aloud. By recording personalized messages, you can introduce your kiddo to some new words. And pretending to call their pals and ‘chatting’ about their respective celebrations can also fuel their creativity and improve their communication skills. This silver smart phone is so realistic, your little one might just need a make-believe calling plan! 

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Tippy Toes

Plush Animal Dolls  

Invite the Tippy Toes to your holiday celebrations – they’re already dressed the part, after all! This plush collection includes 4 sparkly dolls: Cali CatBecky Bunny, and Melody Mouse. Each one is dressed to impress, with an iridescent top, a twinkly tutu, and shimmery shoes. Once your toddler pulls one of these plush dolls out of their stocking, they can dive right into pretend play! Becky loves slumber parties, so build a blanket fort and exchange sweet stories. Melody is all about arts and crafts, so set up a lil’ art nook and create the days away. Polly always throws B.eautiful garden parties, so bring out the tea and treats! And Cali spends her afternoons reading in the park, so read together with our Cali Cat book and play set! 

Land of B. Cars & Characters

Toy Characters & Vehicles  

Vroom and zoom through the holidays with the mini cars and characters from Land of B.! All six sets come with a removeable character and a light-up car. You can race to the finish line with Bingo the panda and her speedy race car, Freddy Zoom. Then haul and tow anything with Sunny the hippo and a trusty pick-up truck by the name of Muddy Miles. Or travel on the open road with Dash and his cool motorcycle! The collection also includes Woofer and Safety Sam, Lolo and Smarty Pants, and Jax and Groovy Patootie – and they’re all interchangeable! As you roll through the room with any of these small toyspress on the driver’s head for flashing lights and sounds. It’s a vroomin’ holiday party! 

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