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Holiday Gift Guide: Classic Toys

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When it comes to picking the right gift for the toddler in your life, going classic means you can’t go wrong. Classic toys are those that stood the test of time and the test of many playrooms – which is why we chose to wrap up this year’s holiday gift guide series with timeless toys that will make last-minute gift browsing a breeze.  

Here are our favorite screen-free and hands-on classics – with a few twists. 


Dog Guitar 

Have a rockin’ holiday with Woofer, our award-winning toy guitar! If you ever thought about starting a family band or introducing the little one in your family to the wonderful world of music, then this guitar is the way to go. Designed with tiny hands in mind, this colorful instrument comes with 3 different play modes, big buttons that double as the 8 chords of a C-to-C scale, and a range of familiar songs and tunes for your mini musician to explore. You can pretty much line up a few chairs for the unwrapping, because a lil’ concert is sure to follow once this guitar lands in your kiddo’s hands.  

BX1166 Kid 4
Two kids playing with a wooden activity center.

Zany Zoo

Wooden Activity Centre 

Bring the zoo to your living room with our animal-tastic activity center! Settle in for an educational time and discover a ton of colorful animals – all from the comfort of your cozy home. With the help of the handy alphabet tiles, your little learner can familiarize themselves with letters, words, and the critters illustrated on each one. Will their favorite be the Fox or the Koala? Kiddos can then find out what’s hidden behind colorful doors or move the many beads up top across the wire maze. No matter how they decide to play this season, they’re sure to develop their fine motor skills along the way with this hands-on toy. 

Smooth Rider

Wooden Bicycle 

Ride into the festivities on four sturdy wheels! This wooden bike is entirely toddler-powered, so your kiddo can stay active and improve their gross motor skills throughout this celebratory season – wherever, whenever. They can easily scoot around the house and roll from room to room, or they can take this lil’ bike outside for some fresh winter air (just keep it away from snow and slush!). Grab the easy-to-hold handles and steer in any direction you please! You can also take this time to help your toddler practice comfortably and get them ready to move on to a trike (and then a bike!) when the warm and sunny seasons come around.  

BX1650 LS A 3

Hippo Pop

Toy Piano  

Nothing says classic like a classic instrument – but we made sure to throw in a few twists, of course. Not only is this particular piano shaped like a happy hippo, but it also comes with a sensory symphony for your little pianist to enjoy! As children press the tiny hands-friendly keys, they can simultaneously watch a rainbow of birdies light up and pop up. Kiddos can also listen to a range of songs, nursery rhymes, and silly sounds or play along to 1 of 5 funky music modes. Try to replicate a popular holiday tune with your little one, let them get creative, and fill your home with music (with a side of giggles).  

Kid Century Modern

Table & Chair Set 

Have you been noticing that your child is eager to try and do things by themselves lately? Then give them the gift of independence this season! A classic and kid-friendly table and chair set is a great stepping stone to gaining self-confidence and learning to be independent. Having their own lil’ nook where they can get busy with holiday crafts, concentrate on educational activities, have a sweet snack with their sibling, or play a game can teach them about the concept of personal space and the importance of having it. Everyone needs their own spot where they can be gigglyfocused, creative, or silly – right? 

BX1663 LS kid 2

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