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Gifts for Kids: Top 5 Musical Toys

BX2004 LS A
Celebrate the musical way this season! Instruments and musical toys come with tons of fun for little ones, but they can also help with a child’s development in many ways. Music encourages kiddos to think creatively, it helps develop cognitive skills, it strengthens hand-eye coordination, and it fosters imagination.
So without further ado, here are our top 5 musical toys: 
  • Comes with lights and soothing sounds 
  • Features a mushroom, a frog, and a bird 
  • Doubles as a soft and squishy plush toy 
Getting your baby to drift off into the land of dreams can be a lil’ challenging at times. Fortunately, this softly glowing baby mobile aims to relax through a combination of soothing music and a lovely light showanywhere and anytime. Bring it when you go for a wintery walk with the stroller or hook it to the car seat while you drive to a holiday party – this toy can be attached to pretty much anything thanks to the handy fabric hook.  
BX1564 KID 2

3 months & over: Mini Meowsic

  • Includes 10 fun songs 
  • Features 9 chunky piano keys 
  • Small size makes it easily portable  
A classic instrument – reimagined! Introduce little ones to the wonderful world of music this season with our mini kitten keyboard and its many fun featuresBabies can press the light-up keys, explore 2 music modes, listen to fun tunes, and learn a ton along the way. After all, playing with this musical cat can develop fine motor skills, boost cognitive skills, and improve a child’s sensory development. Meows here, colors there, keyboard fun is everywhere! 
LB1908 LS A
  • Light-up drum pads and cymbal 
  • Includes 2 play modes  
  • Features 3 sound effects 
 Got a lil’ rockstar in the family? Encourage them to pursue their musical passions with a kid-friendly drum kit! This colorful set comes with easy-to-hold drumsticks and features lights, sounds, and games. Kiddos can choose between 2 fun modes: they can follow a beat by tapping the pads as they light up or go with their own groove and freestyle. Not to mention, children can also mix things up with 3 sound effects – animal, drum, and wacky sounds! A great gift for little musicians with big dreams. 

2 years & over: Woofer

  • Comes with 3 musical modes 
  • Includes 20 songs and 9 puppy tunes 
  • Features a C-to-C scale 
This electric toy guitar is a B. favorite that’s designed with toddlers in mind. A simple switch turns the guitar on and allows children to pick from acoustic, electric, or howl audio modes. Kids can then strum freely or choose from any of the buttons to hammer out some ruff riffs! And volume is also easy to control through a wheel on the side. With so many various options and customization modes, your little Van Halen will be a musical prodigy in no time! 
  • Features 2 color-coded octaves 
  • Comes with classical compositions 
  • Includes an illustrated songbook  
Play along to the classics or compose your own masterpiece! This kid-friendly piano comes with a handy songbook and has 25 color-coded keys with notes A to G, making this wooden instrument easy for mini pianists to explore. And if toddlers are looking for a lil’ inspiration, they can simply press the Music button on the side of the keyboard and listen to classical composers such as Bach or Beethoven. Follow the songbook, listen to the greats, and play! 
BX1819 LS A 1
Explore, play, and make the music last all day with our colorful and educational instruments! 
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