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Gifts for Kids: Top 5 Educational Toys

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Playtime is usually filled with creativity, imagination, giggles, and tons of fun. But who says learning can’t join the party? Our educational toys combine learning with fun and give children the chance to acquire new skills as they play. With our top learning toys of the season, little ones can practice their ABCs, improve fine motor skills, take their first steps with confidence, gain important life skills, or create the space they need to comfortably learn. 

Tiny tots: Learning Sidekick Koala – Kiki

Key educational benefit: improving sensory development (tactile, visual, auditory skills)  This all-around learning toy has everything little ones need to discover the world in a playful and educational way. The softness of this plush koala, its colorful accents, and the many, many sounds it makes is great for improving sensory development. Touching the paws to activate songs and sounds can then develop a baby’s fine motor skills, while listening to those songs introduces them to new words. Whether tiny tots want to play, learn, or nap, Kiki is a plush learning buddy who will stay by their side throughout the holidays! 

3 months & over: One Two Squeeze

Key educational benefit: learning about numbers, shapes, and animals
Friendly animals? Check! Fun shapes? Check! Numbers? Check! A whole lot of educational fun? CHECK! This classic set of 10 building blocks comes with a ton of learning opportunities. Babies can discover different animals, explore bright colors, feel the textures of the embossed designs, or practice their 123s. Building colorful structures with these blocks also encourages little ones to use their imagination and be creative as they play. Not to mention, this set comes in a reusable bag so that you can easily take learning to any festive event this season. 
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12 months & over: Walk 'n' Learn

Key educational benefit: practicing walking and developing gross motor skills 

The name says it all! This wooden walker not only helps toddlers confidently stand on their own two feet, but it also comes with lots of educational bonuses. The front panel of the toy features 5 activities: a bead maze, a mirror, spinning gears, a zigzag path, and number tiles. On one side of the walker, you’ll also find a clock, while the other features a maze with movable knobs. Children can easily hold on to the smooth handle as they practice walking, then try out the exciting educational activities once they decide to take a lil’ break! 
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2 years & over: Clean 'n' Play

Key educational benefit: gaining important life skills  The meals, decorations, and fun activities of the season can sometimes lead to mini messes. And while we enjoy the festivities themselves, the importance of cleaning up could B. a great lesson for kids to learn! Luckily, it just so happens that we’ve got a way for little ones to learn important life skills and play at the same time. Instead of using these wooden cleaning tools in a classic way, pretend you and your kiddo are the Holiday Cleaning Heroes, on a mission to make your home sparkle! 

3 years & over: Table & Chair Set

Key educational benefit: improving concentration and creativity 
The right space can positively change the way children learn – and that starts with kid-sized furniture! Having a lil’ table and a comfy chair can improve concentration and creativity, whether they’re working on an educational activity or expressing themselves artistically. Speaking of expression, our table and chair sets come in 3 modern colors – mint, ivory, or light pink. And if you want to take a kid’s learning space a step further, our B. spaces collection features more colorful chairs, multifunctional step stools, and a stylish organizer. 
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Give the gift of learning this holiday season and add an educational touch to play time!   For more gift inspiration and fun giveaways, follow us @mybtoys. 

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