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Gifts for Kids: Top 5 Pretend Play Toys

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Imagination and storytelling make up a big part of the holidays for kids. So it’s no surprise that we want to celebrate this time of year in a magical way – with pretend play! Diving into dramatic play ideas not only sparks creativity, but it can help little ones improve their language skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and much more. 
Here are our top 5 pretend play toys of the season: 
The Fluffy Doos are here for you, no matter what you want to do! These fluffy and squishy plush pals from the Land of B. are ready to accompany tiny tots and big kids alike on any adventure. The stuffed animals in this colorful collection double as loyal pals that can keep babies company as they discover the world around them. And when they grow up a lil’ bit, the Fluffy Doos can help them improve their communication skills! Children will often become best buds with their plush toy, so chances are they will talk to it – and speaking with Dash or Lolo can encourage them to practice their vocabulary and express themselves in a safe space. 
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3 months & over: FunKeys

Start your engines and ride into playtime with these colorful car keys! The FunKeys set features 3 textured keys that are great for little nibblers and a key fob with 4 sounds and a flashlight. The colors, textures, patterns, and sounds are sure to improve a little one’s sensory development and fine motor skills. But that’s not all! Playing with a toy that mimics the real thing introduces children to common objects and can encourage little ones to stay curious and to creatively express themselves during playtime. 
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Help pretend patients with their boo-boos and ouchies by using the Mini Doctor Care Kit! With this colorful play set, mini medics can easily step into a doctor’s shoes and treat plush patients (or their family members!) with the realistic tools. Want to listen a doll’s heartbeat? Grab the stethoscope! Need to take a sibling’s temperature? Use the thermometer! Got to check a teddy bear’s reflexes? The reflex hammer is what you need! Not only will playing with these toys spark their creativity, but they can also introduce kids to the experience of going to the doctor (which, in turn, can help them feel a little less stressed about their own appointments!). 

2 years & over: Ice Cream Shoppe

Sprinkle some sweetness into the holidays with a jam-packed, kid-sized ice cream truck! The Ice Cream Shoppe comes with an interactive tablet and 25 accessories that let children get into character and serve pretend treats. Kids can take your order with the tablet, add toppings to ice cream with the dispenser, grab a popsicle from the freezer, serve a donut, and much, much more. As they take orders, prepare them, and serve the desserts to customers (AKA you!), kiddos will be learning about different kinds of sweets and improving their social skills along the way. 
If you’ve got a little foodie in the family, this one’s for them. This wooden playset comes with 4 labeled crates and a ton of play food, including fruits, veggies, dairy products, bread, and more! Kids can open up a pretend restaurantserve make-believe meals, and learn about the importance of caring for others through foodThey can also round up their plush pals and have a pretend picnic in the comfort of the living room. Or you can turn playtime into a little lesson and take the opportunity to teach children about different foods and nutrition! One set of wooden toys, a whole lot of pretend play opportunities.  
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Give the gift of fun this holiday season and add an imaginative touch to play time!
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