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Summer Fun: 3 Pool & Beach Activities for Kids

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Summer is all about basking in the sun – and cooling off is just as fun! Running around a sprinkler, diving into a pool, or walking into the ocean are summery staples that lots of kiddos love to take part in. Without further ado, here are three water activities to beat the heat this season:

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Pool Toss

Splashing around – although very fun – isn’t the only way to put a kiddie pool to good use! After a proper cool-off, clear the pool and grab some flying discs, big rings, or even plastic plates. Place them in the pool, give your toddler a couple of balls, and encourage them to toss the balls into the frisbees or rings! You can also up the ante by writing points on the floating toys with a washable marker and keeping score. Or you can raise the difficulty bar by asking your child to take a step back after every toss!

Water-and-Spoon Race

If you’re spending the day by the shore, take our colorful Sands Ahoy! toy set along for the ride and play the classic egg-and-spoon game with a beachy twist. Once you’ve set up your beach chairs and towels, place the bucket by the lake or sea. Then, get your little one to scoop up some water with the shovel and race back to the bucket to fill it up as fast as they can! If they’re playing solo, you can time them to make the game a lil’ more challenging. And if they’re at the beach with a sibling or a buddy, double the buckets and fuel some friendly competition!

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Sprinkle Freeze

No pool or beach nearby? Don’t let that stop you! You can have a ton of splashy fun with a simple sprinkler. Whether it’s a family day or a backyard party, set up the sprinkler, turn up some tunes, and get your kiddos to dance around the sprinkler. The rules are easy-peasy: when the music stops, you freeze. But here’s the catch – stopping the tunes means turning on the sprinkler! So whoever moves after feeling the cool and sudden splash of the sprinkler is out of the game! (A whole lot of giggles are guaranteed with this one.)

Grab your sunscreen and dive into summer fun – just don’t forget to share your splashy snapshots by tagging us @mybtoys!

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