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Summer Fun: 3 Park Activities for Kids


Switch out the playroom for some sun, sky, and open space! Have a ton of outdoor fun in your neighborhood, explore a great big forest, and give these activities a try while you’re at it! Havin’ a great time will be a walk in the park.

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Natural Colors

When you think park, you tend to think green – but nature is filled with a ton of colorful wonders for your kiddo to discover! As you’re taking a leisurely stroll or hiking down a trail, ask your little one to spot items of different colors. You could go about it in two ways: you can encourage them to point out things of any color (Blue sky! Red ladybug! Yellow flower!) or decide on a color and get them to find different things associated to it (Brown pine cone! Brown tree trunk! Brown dirt!). On top of exploring colors, this fun game will help your little observer develop an appreciation for all of the wonderful discoveries nature has to offer!

Forest Fort

From indoor blanket forts to outdoor stick forts! Depending on the park you decide to adventure in, you can help your toddler build a kid-sized or plush-sized fort made of simple sticks. Start out by gathering the goods – three bigger and thicker sticks that’ll serve as the base and a ton of twigs of the same height to fill in the sides. Once you have your materials, lean the three main sticks together so they form a tripod shape (this will work best with sticks that have Y’s at the ends). Then fill in the gaps on two sides of the structure using the twigs and ta-da! All that’s left to do is crawl in – imagination will take care of the rest.

Sunny Sports

Spending the day at the park gives your little one all the space they need to run, jump, crawl, twirl, and play! And why not throw some sports into the mix? Play a kid-friendly tennis game with our colorful Paddle Poppers or Critter Catchers, grab a couple of skipping ropes and learn the Double Dutch, turn to the classics and toss a ball around, get the family together for some freeze tag, and so much more! Not only do these games double as great parent-child activities, but they will also boost your toddler’s physical development and encourage them to stay active.

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