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The Meaning of Family

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Ah, summer. A time when you’re counting if you have enough popsicles instead of school lunches. A time to dive into the pool or build the biggest sandcastle at the beach. A time to load up the car with camping gear and hit the road. A time for fun – and a time for family.

To celebrate the sunny season that brings families together, we decided to check in with our B. toys fans to get a closer look at what “family” means to them!


Family Mottos

Love is the Main Ingredient. @jazelynmonae

Be kind and Show Love, No Matter What. @ourvegasfam

Never Give Up on Your Dreams. @woodcitylimits

Make the Most of Every Moment. They Won’t Stay Little Forever!

Be Kind and Don’t Whine. @kelsikendel and @kingrosevisuals

Love, Laughter, and Cups of Coffee. @miss_kendrix

Family Values

“We like to try to have fun no matter what we’re doing, like turning everyday tasks into a game or fun activity. Our daughter especially enjoys being involved and helping us around the house!” @kelsikendel and @kingrosevisuals

“Some of our family values are treating others with respect, spending time together as a family, putting our best efforts into every task, showing love every day, celebrating success, and being honest!” @woodcitylimits

“We are a retired military family, born and raised in Vegas. We teach our girls to be strong, independent, and courageous!” @ourvegasfam

@kelsikendel @kingrosevisuals
@kelsikendel @kingrosevisuals
@miss kendrix
@miss kendrix

“Our family is one of a kind – we have 4 kids, which isn’t as common these days, and the youngest 3 within 3 years of each other. It’s a busy crew, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!” @miss_kendrix

“Parenting can be hard, but so rewarding. In our family, we’re teaching these core values to our children. We always try to be respectful, hardworking, honest, responsible, loving, caring, creative, and fun! Children learn from what we do and from who we are as parents.”

“Family Values are so important to the structure and well-being of our family. So what’s important to us?” @jazelynmonae

  1. Be honest and always tell the truth.
  2. Respect people inside and outside of the family.
  3. Work hard and do your best.
  4. Be thankful.
  5. Never give up.

Family Time

“Our #1 family activity is playing in the backyard with our girls and going out to dinner. We love spending quality time together and making memories”! @woodcitylimits

“We absolutely love to swim in our pool all summer long. It’s a great activity for all ages to enjoy, and it keeps you active!” @miss_kendrix

“Family runs is our number one activity, whether it is 2.5 miles or 10 miles—we’re in it together!” @ourvegasfam

“We love our day trips! Whether we choose to venture off to an amusement park or take a trip to a local museum, it allows us to escape our everyday routine. We enjoy laughing and interacting with each other – that’s the most important part. We just truly enjoy making memories!” @jazelynmonae

@woodcitylimits 1
@woodcitylimits 1

“In our house, we always try to do one new and fun activity where we bring out a given item/items for an hour a day. My husband and myself put our phones away and step away from the outside world, giving our kids our full attention. Adeline loves building things and Logan loves music, so we always try to go with activities that they will both enjoy. Family time is the most important thing to us, and watching and hearing the kids laugh and have fun is the best reward of all!”

“Family bike rides! After a long winter, there is nothing quite like getting outside and riding! It’s something we all enjoy doing, especially when we stop for ice cream!” @kelsikendel and @kingrosevisuals


We would like to thank the B. toys community for sharing these wonderful mottos, values, and stories! We’re feeling inspired to focus on what’s important: family, in every sense of the word. So whether you’re running, swimming, biking, or eating ice cream this summer, we encourage you all to do it with those you love!

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