As we close out another year, we at B. wanted to take a moment and reflect on 2022. Much like any year, it came with ups and downs, familiarity and new adventures, time with family, fun with friends, and of course, it included many memories with little ones. 
To celebrate this year and gear up for the next, we asked the parents of our mini B. toys fans what were their most memorable moments of 2022.
2022 was full of blessings and fun adventures! But our most memorable moment of the year, by far, was bringing our brand-new little boy into the world! He has made the sweetest addition to our little family and we are beyond blessed! Kristen, @justamamaandherfam
Family with newborn baby.
Two boys in an igloo.
Looking back on 2022, we had so many amazing family moments and memories. It is mind-bending how a year can be so fleeting, while simultaneously feeling so long! One of our most memorable experiences of 2022 was working together as a family to build a rainbow igloo in our backyard. We spent many long hours in the cold, working hard stacking the colorful, frozen blocks. The work was worth the reward and memories made! Callie, @calliecarrollecarroll
2022 has been an amazing year for my family and I. Lots of memories were created that we will forever cherish. But the one that holds the most memorable title for this year will definitely be the one when my little one began to walk. It was approximately a week before his first birthday. We were all hanging out in the living room, and out of nowhere, he stood up and walked across the room over to his toy station! To see him do it and to see his face while he did it was pretty astonishing. #Proudparents Kayla, @carter.amir
Happy toddler.
Couple with baby.
Our family’s most memorable moment of 2022 was when we got engaged! Holding our son in my arms as his dad got down on one knee to ask him to marry me was such a special and amazing moment for all of us. The look in our son Elijah’s eyes as he saw both of his parents in pure happiness was something we will never forget. There is something about your children being there to experience these amazing life moments with you that make them that much more special 🤍  Samantha,
Our family’s most memorable moment of 2022 was our road trip to Santa’s Village! 🎅 Seeing the magic through our daughters’ eyes was truly amazing and definitely unforgettable. The laughs, smiles and memories made will last a lifetime, and we are so glad that we got to share it with the little human that makes our world go round. 🌎  Jayda, @christinajayda 
Toddler in father's arms.
Toddler with baby.
Our most memorable moment of 2022 was when our baby girl Layla was born, for sure! Then getting to see Melody meet her little sister was so sweet! She definitely thought we brought home her personal baby doll, lol. 🤍  Melody & Layla, @mividamelody
My most memorable moment/s was watching my twin daughters grow to love nature as much as I do. Spending time outdoors, at the park, in gardens, and around animals. As their vocabulary grew, they were able to identify all these, except when they called the koi fish a monster and a zombie (lol)…that was around Halloween, which happens to be their favorite holiday!  Amira, @sidawittwins
Mother with twin daughters.
Family with two daughters.
Our most memorable moments have been taking a few road trips and traveling this year! These trips made for great memories and experiences that we’ll look back on and cherish for years to come (even if our patience was wearing thin with each other from time to time). We had an absolute blast, and it’s nice experiencing firsts with each other!  Samantha, @bexarmom
What was your family’s most memorable moment of 2022? Share it in the comments or tag us @mybtoys on Instagram! 

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