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The Ultimate Preschool Checklist – Part I

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The summer sun is still shining bright, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking about the upcoming school season! As you’re enjoying time with family, fun with friends, or the great outdoors, we’re more than happy to do the legwork for you. When that classroom bell rings, we want to B. sure you’re ready to roll right into learning! 
Whether you’re sending little ones off to preschool for the first time or you’re familiar with the process, we’ve prepared a jam-packed checklist that is sure to make the back-to-school experience smooth and simple. Here are our top 20 things to check off your back-to-school list:

1. Backpack

A toddler-friendly backpack that holds all sorts of fun and useful treasures is simply a must-have when it comes to class time. 

2. Snacks

Who wouldn’t want to bring some snacks along for the educational rideFill your kiddo’s colorful lunchbox with (nut-free!) snacks and add in a freezer pack to make sure some foods stay cool.
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3. Water Bottle

Hydration is key – and a spill-proof water bottle that’s easy to open can go a long way for little ones.

4. Extra Set of Clothes

A back-up plan for back-to-school! It never hurts to be extra prepared clothing-wise – life can B. unpredictable at times. 

5. Diapers

If your little one needs a lil’ support in the potty department, packing a few diapers is the way to go. 

6. Seasonal Clothing

The back-to-school season is different depending on where you live! If some layers are needed, make sure to throw in a jacket into the mix sthat your child stays warm during outdoor activities.

7. Sunscreen

Speaking of outdoor fun, we also recommend enjoying the sun with sunscreen in hand and safety in mind! 

8. Clothes for Creativity

If you know that artistic activities will take placebring along an item of clothing that you don’t mind turning into a messy masterpiece. 

9. Shoes

Wsuggest wearing closed toe shoes without laces, making them safe and easy for kiddos to put on or take off. 

10. Indoor Shoes

Some schools require an additional pair of indoor shoes – make sure to check in with the administration before the first day! 

11. Comforting Toy

A comforting toy can go a long way! Whether it’s their favorite mini car or a plush pal having a familiar toy can make a child feel more comfortable as they’re discovering a new place and making friends. 

12. Family Photo

On top of a toy, having a family photo can also help kiddos feel more “at home.” Not to mention, it can lend a helping hand to the teacher who’s getting to know all of her little student’s families! 
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13. Important Documents

Another great aid for a teacher – even a necessary one – would be a document that lists any kind of allergy, medical condition, or private information related to your child. 

14. Medication

If the little one in your family has a condition that requires them to take medication, packing those and letting the teacher know about when your kiddo has to take ‘em is key! 

15. Naptime Essentials

Bring what kids need to snooze smoothly – a pillow, blanket, and something soft to snuggle with! The cozier, the better. 
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16. Cleaning Items

Things can get a lil’ messy from time to time, so we suggest packing some wipes and hand sanitizer for easy clean-ups. 

17. Art Supplies

Some schools offer art supplies, but others might not! Check in with your child’s teacher and pack colored pencils, paint, brushes, colorful construction paper, and more if need-be. 

18. Folder

To keep mini masterpieces in place, we suggest equipping kids with folders that they can use to store their art projects. 

19. Pencil Case

On that tidy note, we also recommend getting a fun pencil case for all of the itty-bitty supplies. 

20. Requested Items

Before the first day, contact the school or your child’s teacher to double-check that you have everything needed. There might be specific items on their list that you haven’t thought of! 
In addition to checking things off of your back-to-school list, we also wanted to share some tips when it comes to preparing for that first day: 
  • If you have the opportunity, tour the school beforehand. This is especially useful if your little one is going there for the very first time! Knowing what’s ahead can make them feel more comfortable. 
  • For story time, choose books about school and read them to kids before they enter a classroom. Knowing more about the process can put their minds at ease if they’re feeling a bit nervous. 
  • Label everything! This will help you avoid trips to the lost-and-found and will help kids identify what’s theirs. (Extra tip: use waterproof labels.) 
  • Prep lunches ahead of time to make mornings run smoothly and to have room for unforeseen situations. 
  • Stay positive! This is a milestone for families and children alike – and it’s definitely something to celebrate. 
Keep an eye out for our Ultimate Preschool Checklist – Part II, where we’ll share our tips and tricks in relation to preschool readiness! 

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