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Introducing Our Newest Collection – B. play

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We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes, preparing something special for you all – and we’re now ready to draw the curtains. 

We at B. are super-duper excited to announce that the B. toys playroom has grown even bigger, thanks to its newest addition: B. playThis collection of colorful toys encourages little ones to dream big and discover the world around them through play. By looking into this toy box, you’ll find bold colors, interactive features, active play, learning moments, pretend play opportunities, family fun, and a whole lot more. 

Here’s a first look at the B. play collection: 

Colorful Sensory Station

Colorful & Sensory Station

Explore 7 fun activities with this sensory station! As they play, little ones can learn about colors, discover textures, marvel at patterns, and listen to a ton of fun sounds. Touching, flipping, and pressing on the various parts of the table is sure to improve their fine motor skills and sensory development – but that’s not all. This activity center also improves their gross motor skills, given the kiddos have to reach and move around the table in order to explore it all. 

Learning Sidekick Koala Kiki

Learning Sidekick Koala: Kiki

Learning is a priority when it comes to B. play, which is why Kiki isn’t just any stuffed animal – this plush buddy doubles as a tiny teacher! Children can play with this koala at home, cuddle up with Kiki in the crib, or bring her along on any adventure. No matter how children decide to play, this plush toy will teach them a lil’ something every day! Kiki comes with a range of songs, sounds, words, phrases, and questions – all you need to do is press her paws. Learning is at your fingertips!

Shop Glow Toy Cart

Shop & Glow Toy Cart

This shopping cart set has it all – it encourages children to move, use their imagination, and learn along the way. As they grab on to the handles and roll around, kids will be improving their gross motor skills. While cooking up tons of fun with the play food and their new plush pal is sure to spark their creativity. And finally, the included board book – Rosie’s Fun World of Food – will help little ones learn about nutrition and the different food groups! One toy, endless play possibilities – that’s our goal with B. play.

If you don’t want to miss a beat when it comes to B. play, all you need to do is follow us @mybtoys to get the latest news. 

Let’s play! 

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