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5 Ways Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is coming up fast and you want to make sure that your guests gobble til’ they wobble! But planning the ultimate Thanksgiving feast takes time and preparation, so why not get the whole family involved? Along with learning useful life skills, getting your kiddos to chip in can pique their interest in the holiday and teach them about the importance of working together.
Have a look at these kid-friendly prep ideas to make them feel valuable in and around the kitchen, then get ready for the big day!

Making the Grocery List

Whether your lil’ ones are using letters or drawings to jot down ingredients, this everyday activity is a terrific way to enhance their motor skills and encourage creativity along the way. You can even get them involved with the menu by asking them to suggest a side dish or appetizer! Seeing their yummy contribution being enjoyed by dinner guests on Thanksgiving day is sure to boost their self-esteem.
Now that the real grocery list is ready to go, your kiddos can shop all they want with the Mini Cashier Playset. Practice makes perfect with pretend play, won’t you say?
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Tidying up the House

Cleaning up may not be at the top of your lil’ one’s to-do list, but having the whole gang chip in on chores will introduce them to the importance of teamwork. All hands on deck = more time for family fun! Try letting them decide which tasks they’d like to take on. This way, they can manage their role and feel a sense of accomplishment once finished. And don’t forget – cleaning can be playful too! Help them create a positive association with tidying up by playing their favorite soundtrack, incorporating games, or even challenging them to a race.
Ready to make the house sparkle, but don’t have kid-friendly cleaning tools? Teamwork really makes the dream work with the Clean ‘n’ Play set!

Preparing the Food

Whether it’s adding a spoonful of nutmeg or mixing up the pie dough, cooking and baking at an early age can help your kiddo show off their talents and feel useful in the kitchen. Not only is this a fun bonding activity for all, but it can improve a child’s fine motor skills, math ability, reading level, and it can even introduce them to scientific concepts! Additionally, establishing the basics of food can encourage an interest in nutrition, which can lead to healthy eating habits – say goodbye to picky eating!
Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Keep in mind that introducing your mini chef to baking is easy as pie with playtime – and the Mix & Bake Playset.
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Setting the Table

Let’s keep calm and gobble on! Prepping the Thanksgiving dinner can be a busy and stressful experience as you attempt to cook, clean, and serve all at once. Having your children prepare the table is not only a great way to keep the evening organized, but it gives them the opportunity to get creative with place settings. Along with making napkin folds and deciding who sits where, they’ll become more familiar with dinner etiquette and table manners.
Before handing them real plates, you can encourage them to practice with the ones included in the Mini Chef Kitchenette!

After-Dinner Entertainment

Is your lil’ one a natural when it comes to musical talent? Try nurturing their skills with a small living room performance while you prepare dessert! Whether they’re using a musical instrument, their singing voice, or their dancing abilities, positive reactions from family and friends can encourage your kiddos to pursue their skills. Not to mention, performing in front of a small audience gives them the opportunity to beat stage fright as they become more confident in their talents.
Looking for ways to spark their creativity? Have your mini musician unleash their inner rockstar with the Woofer or channel their inner Beethoven with the Mini Maestro.
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Is your li’l one involved with Thanksgiving planning this year? Let us know how they’re lending a helping hand in the comments!

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