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The Top Toy Guide to Imaginative Gifts

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Cook up delicious dishes with play food, treat a plush patient who came in with a boo-boo, run your own lil’ shop, or hop on a unicorn and gallop through an enchanted forest – all without having to leave the playroom.  
Pretend play gives little ones the opportunity to take a deep dive into their imaginations, role-play all day, and learn a whole lot along the way. Entering the land of make-believe and playing pretend not only contributes to your child’s development but is a fun and essential part of being a kid. 
Encourage little ones to dream big this holiday season with our top pretend play sets: 

Big ‘n’ Bold Sets

Take gift-giving to new heights with these kid-sized role play toys! They’re what holiday dreams are made of.  
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Mini Chef Kitchenette

Kids can: 
  • Cook a meal on the stovetop 
  • Pop pretend cookies in the oven 
  • Zap a make-believe snack in the microwave 
  • Wash dishes in the sink 
  • Serve their feast with colorful dishware and cutlery
BX4503 LS C

Ice Cream Shoppe

Kids can: 
  • Take orders with the interactive tablet 
  • Serve ice cream using the topping dispenser 
  • Play a shape sorting game with toy popsicles 
  • Practice counting with the gumball machine 
  • Honk the horn 

Little & Lovely Sets

From creative cooking to pretend building, these little sets pack a fun punch. 

Fix ‘n’ Play Kit

Kids can: 
  • Pretend to build with 4 different tools  
  • Practice counting with a ruler 
  • Play a shape sorting game with kid-friendly nails 
  • Store the smaller pieces inside the toolbox 
  • Grab the set on the go, thanks to the handy handle
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BX2230 LS G

Fruity Smoothie Playset

Kids can: 
  • Play with the toy banana, strawberry, and watermelon 
  • Chop the fruits using the cutting board and safe knife 
  • Place the pieces in the blender and close the lid 
  • Press down on the blender to watch the fruits spin 
  • Pour their pretend smoothie into a cup 

Café au Play

Kids can: 
  • Make coffee for two with 2 mug and spoon sets 
  • Pop in the coffee pods at the top of the machine 
  • Listen to boiling and pouring sound effects 
  • Add milk and sugar to their make-believe coffees 
  • Store the accessories in the back 
BX2032 LS C

Sets with Amazing Accessories

Have a pizza party, open your own store, or bake the days away! A ton of accessories, endless playtime opportunities. 
BX2227 LS B 1

Pizza-n-Pasta Playset

Kids can: 
  • Add colorful toppings
  • Slice the pizza into 4 parts
  • Cook up 2 kinds of pasta
  • Add tomato sauce and cheese
  • Store ingredients in handy trays
BX1934 LS E

Mini Cashier Playset

Kids can: 
  • Scan pretend products 
  • Practice counting with a real calculator 
  • Open the cash drawer
  • Swipe the credit card 
  • Listen to fun sound effects
BX2229 LS B

Mix & Bake Playset

Kids can: 
  • Crack an egg into two pieces 
  • Add flour and butter into the mixer 
  • Turn the handle to watch the whisk spin 
  • Roll the dough with a rolling pin 
  • Pretend to bake chocolate chip cookies

Sets with Storytelling Surprises

Got a lilbookworm in the family? Encourage their love of reading and make stories come to life with playsets that feature plush pals and board books for toddlers. 

Bobby Bear Playset

Kids can: 
  • Read about Bobby’s doctor visit in the board book 
  • Take the teddy bear’s temperature with the thermometer
  • Listen to a make-believe heartbeat with the stethoscope 
  • Check their plush pal’s reflexes with the hammer 
  • Carry the tools to their next appointment in the wooden wagon 
BX2066 DP A 3
BX1964 LS A 3

Cara-Mellow Playset

Kids can: 
  • Read about how Cara-Mellow plans a picnic in the board book 
  • Cuddle up with the plush bear during story time 
  • Learn about different colors, foods, and animals 
  • Set up a pretend picnic with toy food, plates, and a blanket 
  • Carry all the toys in the handy wagon 

Cali Cat Playset

Kids can: 
  • Read about how Cali prepares for a tea party in the board book 
  • Learn about friendship and the importance of helping others 
  • Play with a soft and sparkly plush cat doll 
  • Serve make-believe tea and cupcakes 
  • Have a garden party with their buddies and plushy pals 
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Searching for more kid-friendly gift ideas? Take a look at our Ultimate Toy Gift Guide for Toddlers and find the gift that’s right for the kiddo in your life. 
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