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What Makes a Gift Meaningful?

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Whether you’re still on the lookout for the perfect present or you’re ready to wrap your recent purchases, there’s always time to add a meaningful touch to holiday gift. Big or small, that thoughtful sprinkle can make all the difference! And no matter who you’re buying gifts for this festive season, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that are sure to make ‘em smile. 
Here are a few ways to make a present more meaningful: 


Take your gift a step further by customizing it for the person you’re giving it to! It can be someone’s favorite expression or quote on a tea cupMaybe a printed inscription in a children’s book. Or a person’s initials stitched on the inside of brand-new bag! The possibilities are endless, but the result is sure to make the gift unique. 

Cute Card

Sometimes, simplicity is key. No matter what you’re gifting this season, adding a card to the package with a personal message can make it more significant. If the person mentioned the gift in question to you or if your present is inspired by a memory you both shared, putting that into written words will warm their heart! 
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Handmade Crafts

Let your creative side shine with crafts! Whether it’s the full gift or a DIY addition to an existing one, making something with your own two hands is quite a meaningful gesture. And crafting is especially great if kids want to join in on the fun of gifting. Crafty treasures made by little ones are always cherished! 

Tasty Treats

Handmade gifts don’t always have to be crafts… they can also B. treats! If you’ve got a knack for cooking or baking (or both!), then making someone their favorite snack or dessert can double as a special gift. Cookin’ up yummy treats for someone shows that you not only know their taste, but that you put time and care into this delicious type of present. 


Then again, not all gifts need to be held with both hands! Gifting experiences can be just as good and certainly very meaningful. If there’s a little nature lover in the family, a yearly pass to national parks is an idea. Maybe a trip to the local planetarium? Or a fun concert? There are a ton of family-friendly activities to choose from! 

Thoughtful Packaging

Meaning can even be put into something as simple as packaging! Although we all know wrapping paper gets excitedly ripped off, it can still make someone smileFor example, say the kiddo in your family loves dogs. Now imagine how their face will light up when they see their gift wrapped in paw-some paper!
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We at B. wish you all a fantastic holiday season!
P.S.: If you need some inspiration, take a look at our toy-tastic gift guides. 

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