As people are getting together with friends and families (or turning on their computers for virtual gatherings), we’re gearing up to celebrate as well! We looked back on the fun of 2021 and invited a few playful pals to our end-of-the-year party – please join us as we round out 2021 with our most popular toys! 

Wooden Play Kitchen: Mini Chef Kitchenette

This kitchen may have been our best toy purchase ever. My son absolutely loved it since the day we got it for him nearly a year ago, and his little brother will get to enjoy it soon I’m sure! 😊   @emese_bee   We love our play kitchen! I was served asparagus and soup the other night 😂  @thepedalingpa
Girl with play kitchen.

Plush Doll: Cali Cat

Layah adores Cali Cat and bringing her everywhere! She also loves the tea set that comes with it and pretending to have tea party 🥰  @princesss_layahhh

Baby Blocks: One Two Squeeze

You guys seriously make the best toys. I was searching for a Valentine’s gift for my baby and of course I come to your Instagram and see these! Running to Target to pick them up.  @ajs_1000words   These are so fun! I taught my oldest son to walk with a set of these.  @paperclipsandconfetti   These blocks are a big hit with my little one 😊  @rae39

Wooden Activity Cube: Zany Zoo

We had ours for 4 years, all my boys loved it. It still looked like new when we passed it on to another family. One of my favorite buys. We love B. toys in our home!  @salvib   I gifted this to a grandchild and now it’s passed down to grandchild 2.0! Solid, well made and such a versatile toy. LOVE seeing the kids interact with it! @patmockler
Two kids playing with an activity cube.

Bee Ride-On: Boom Buggy

 My daughter has had hers for a couple of years and it is still her favorite toy!  @hopelessdreamer1   The girls have this – it’s such great quality and so much fun! @mamabirdtotwo

Play Food: Chop ‘n’ Play Sets

My toddler loves these and it’s so good for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pretend play! @michelle_holly_recommends   I love that these cutting toys help children improve their fine motor skills. And what kid doesn’t love pretend play cooking?! 👏 @dallasstarrrr
Wooden play food.

Picnic Set: Cara-Mellow Bear Play Set

This is absolutely the best 1st birthday present ever! We bought several and gifted them to all our loved 1-year-olds. @opalhousetargetmom   Perfect for a picnic 🧺  @mamas.little.village

Bath Squirts: Squish & Splash Sets

The girls have this – it’s such great quality and so much fun! @mamabirdtotwo

Toddler Bike: Smooth Rider

This is my son’s favorite bike! He is almost 2 and maneuvers this thing around the house like it’s nothing 😂 10/10 👏  @_shee.sha_
Animal bath squirts.

Pull-Along Toy: Pinchy Pat

Misa loves Waggle-A-Longs  Pinchy Pat because it’s simple and it’s the only lobster toy that has leash for her to walk as a pet 🤣

Kids’ Furniture: Table & Chair Set

We have this table and absolutely LOOOOOVE IT! We’ve had a lot of different kids tables over the years and this one is by far our fave. @luke.caboom   Love the color combination and its durable design!  @neelz2013
Boy drawing at kids' table.
B. fans, your words always warm our hearts! We’re overjoyed to know that the treasures in our toy box continue to make the little ones in your families smile. 
Thank you! 

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