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Summer Fun: 3 Camping Activities for Kids

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Camping. The classic summer trip that gives you a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A trip where you can breathe in the fresh forest air and see a sky full of stars. A trip where so many little ones make memories that they will cherish for years to come.

Forest Art

Camping is all about taking in nature’s wonders – and what if you could take a lil’ piece of nature back home with you? While you’re hiking or simply exploring what’s around the tent, encourage your kiddo to gather a few things they can spot on the ground, such as rocks or fallen leaves. When you’re back at home base, set up a comfy craft corner with paper or an easel and small bowls of paint. Your little one can then dip the natural treasures they found into the paint to create colorful prints! Get artsy on sunny days or have this activity on hand for when it unexpectedly rains. Either way, these mini masterpieces are sure to remind the whole family about camping fun once you come back home!

Under the Stars

For many kiddos, the sun going down means it’s time for sleep. But when it comes to camping, nighttime activities are half the fun! You can go for the classics such as sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and singing songs. Or you can boost the magic of dusk with glowing toys! Bowl in the dark with our light-up bowling set, launch a glowing flying disc into the night sky, discover planets and friendly aliens with a projector flashlight, or cuddle up with a musical buddy and gaze at the stars. And if you’re looking for more sensory fun, you can switch from watching to hearing and play a guessing game with the help of your own two ears. Just sit silently, close your eyes, and count how many sounds you can hear. Fire crackling? Water rushing down the stream? The soothing sound of crickets?

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Camp at Home

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go far! In fact, you can recreate the camping experience right in the middle of your living room. The first thing you need is an indoor tent. Pitch it inside your home and fill it with soft blankets and comfy pillows for added coziness. Then move on to another camping staple – the fire. Craft it out of red and yellow tissue paper, turn cardboard tubes into logs, and voila! But what’s a campfire without s’mores, you ask? There’s no such thing, of course! Make sure to add those ooey gooey snacks into the mix, tell some camp stories, and stay up late to watch the fairy lights on the ceiling sky.

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