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B. toys Sustainability FAQ

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Here at B. toys, we believe that playtime should bring joy to children in a way that cares for the health of our planet. That’s why we are proud to prioritize sustainability in our packaging! From our use of soy-based inks and recycled cardstock to using less whenever possible, we are committed to reducing waste. In this FAQ, we will address some common questions about our sustainable packaging.

Why is sustainability important to B. toys?

At B. toys, we’re all about helping kids learn and grow through play, and we recognize the urgent need to protect the environment they’re going to grow up in. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to make conscious choices that benefit both people and the planet.
There’s only one Earth, and we think it should be happy and healthy!

How does B. toys incorporate sustainability into its packaging?

We are proud to use recycled and recyclable cardstock for our packaging. By using post-consumer materials, we reduce the demand for new resources and keep extra waste out of landfills. We’re replacing excess plastics with more sustainable alternatives, like using paper ties instead of plastic zip ties. This also makes our packaging easier to handle, so playtime can start sooner!
In the rare cases when we need to use plastic, we avoid single-use plastics and choose PET – a plastic that can be more easily recycled. Whenever possible, we just hang a small tag on a toy and put it on the shelf. And we know parents love it when toys come in their own reusable storage containers, so we do that too!

What are soy-based inks, and why does B. toys use them?

Soy-based inks are made from soybean oil, which is a renewable resource. We also use water-based varnishes in many of our toys. Unlike traditional petroleum-based inks and varnishes, soy and water-based alternatives are biodegradable. By using these more responsible alternatives, we minimize the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.
The best part? Cardboard printed with soy-based inks is also easier to recycle!

How does B. toys reduce waste through its packaging practices?

Our design team works hard to create packaging that is both functional and eco-friendly, using the minimum amount of materials necessary to make sure our toys get to you ready to play. And we source our materials with sustainability in mind too! Our distinctive boxes are made of kraft paper cardboard or are FSC-Certified which, aside from looking nice, is a more sustainable choice than the alternatives. If you look closely, you’ll see that most B. packaging also suggests giving packaging a second life by reusing the art and fun quotes on our toy boxes!
Recycling is a must, but reducing total packaging is best – and how to reuse that cardboard box is up to you and your kiddos!
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Can I recycle B. toys packaging?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to recycle our packaging materials. By using recyclable cardstock and plastics, we make it easier for you to dispose of the packaging responsibly. Recycling helps conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Together, we can make a difference for the future.
By taking a sustainable approach, including using soy-based inks, recycled and recyclable materials, and minimizing total packaging, B. toys hopes to contribute to a better future for children everywhere. Let’s do everything we can to make a world where playtime and sustainability go hand in hand. Let’s make sure our precious planet smiles as brightly as our little ones.
How do you reduce playtime waste in your daily life? Share your experience with us on Instagram or TikTok by tagging us @mybtoys.

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