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Playtime Paradise: Organizing a Toddler's Playroom

New year, same busy playroom? If your preschoolers are anything like ours, then navigating their playroom is likely a journey—a delightfully chaotic journey. We feel you! Organizing a kiddo’s play space can be tricky, but fear not! This year, we resolved to come up with some fun and effective ways to transform that playroom into a playtime paradise for kids and parents alike.

1. Welcome to Bin Town

There’s a reason you see clear plastic bins and mesh baskets in all those home organization videos. Bins are a great way to help tame the chaos in any play space. Why? A good set of toy storage bins, like Totes Tidy from B. spaces, allows kids to help themselves to their toys and games by making them visible and accessible. This helps toddlers develop independence by encouraging child-led play. It’s also simple enough for young kids to understand how to tidy up when they’re done.
Yes, they might need a few demonstrations (and several reminders), but the dream is not impossible. Kiddos might actually clean up after themselves! So stack, slide, and pack those bins!

2. Label Fiesta

Are labels lame? No way! Grab your label-maker (or masking tape & marker) and have a lil’ labeling fiesta. Not only will clearly marking bins and other storage containers make your life easier, but it’ll also help kiddos learn where things go. They’ll be tidy-up heroes in no time!
While you’re at it, throw a little whimsy into your labels – “Dino-mite Dinos” or “Crafty Supplies”, yes please!
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3. DIY Art Gallery

Turn blank walls into a gallery of kids’ early masterpieces! Hang a string across a wall and use colorful clips to display your little ones’ artwork, family photos, or birthday cards. It’s a rotating exhibition of creativity and a simple way to celebrate your kiddo’s artistic endeavors and milestones.
Keep things fresh by updating the selections each season or after every birthday! Kids can even help with the curating thanks to a stool like the B. spaces Peek-a-Boost.

4. Cozy Reading Nook

One way to raise a lil’ reader is to teach them that reading is fun and not a chore. Create a cozy corner that will spark their imagination and a lifetime of reading! Take a few cushions, a beanbag or the B. spaces Kid Century Modern Set, a soft rug, and a selection of captivating stories. The details are up to you!
A nice reading nook also makes a great place for quiet time or an impromptu storytelling spot to share together.

5. Big Toy Box Tidy-Up

Sometimes you just need someplace to put everything after a big day of playtime adventures. Enter the Tidy Toybox from B. spaces – it’s got space in spades! Labeled totes are great for toys that go together, but what about the bits and bobs? What about the odds and ends? Toss ’em in the toy box!
Got your toy storage sorted already? This sturdy wooden toy box is happy to play the role of make-believe costume trunk or stuffed animal den. One spot for all that stuff – just think of the possibilities!
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Remember, no system is perfect and clean-up-time is just part of life. Enjoy the process, get creative, and involve kiddos to teach ’em how to lend a hand ✨
So tell us – how do you try (we’re all trying!) to keep your play areas tidy? Share your experience with us on Instagram or TikTok by tagging us @mybtoys.

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