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2 Years +

Play a ruff riff with your faithful companion. There’s just something ’bout this hound dog.

  • Choose your mood! 3 play modes: acoustic, electric or hound dog.
  • 8 musical buttons play C to C chords
  • Guitar strings play chord progressions or pre-recorded songs
  • Whammy Bone lets you make any song your own
  • 20 sing-along favorites and 9 Peppy Puppy songs
  • Includes everyone’s best friend: a volume knob
  • Auto off after 2 minutes. Good doggy.

Comes with:
  • 1 hound dog guitar with strap
pdfDownload Instruction Sheet and lyric booklet

2 reviews for WooferTM

  1. Killian

    Hoo boy, where to start? This is easily, EASILY the most annoying toy in my house. Keep in mind we have maracas, a tambourine, and a recorder. The songs are cartoony at best. Buy at your ears’ peril. It’s so loud, even at it’s lowest volume setting. It goes on forever, but if it finally stops, the dog whines so your kids are reminded to push another button, every single time they walk away. The detachable guitar strap will be removed and lost and never used for it’s actual purpose again. I love b. toys, but this is bad. So bad.

    • walter

      Hello Killian, sorry to hear about your toy. We recommend you contact our customer service department for any product specific questions. Here’s the link: http://www.battathelp.com.

  2. Meghan

    My kid and his friends love this toy. I buy it for all the birthdays we go to-don’t let a bad review deter you🙄
    Kid tested and voted 5 stars in this house

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