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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

August 18 2011

We are positively swooning over this improvised Pop-Arty packaging. But it’s the happy, grins of those two darling dumplings that truly have us over-the-moon!

Hokey Pokey Okideoke

August 16 2011

These rad lil’ crooners have rocked their way right into the hearts of B. We’re big fans of this original heavy metal version of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star. Rock on and B. You!

B. Jeweled

August 15 2011

Go green, glamorous and giftable! There’s nothing quite like getting two green thumbs up from this Mother Earth friendly mama.

Of Gypsies and Potato Prints

August 1 2011

“As parents, we hold the opportunity of a lifetime, literally, in our hands. The formation of little humans is our legacy, our gift to the world.” In this insightful, often poetic and deeply honest interview, Gisela Voss, Chief Toymaker, shares the heart and hope behind B.


July 21 2011

We are so privileged to work with truly amazing artists and humans. Kim Lowe is an exceptional non-exception. Her unparalleled photography and compassionate appreciation of all things wee and B. have captured gorgeous images and our hearts. If you want to be inspired and delighted take a peek into Kim's world.

Roadtrip Worthy

July 18 2011

When the pros at Daily Candy make a list of things they can’t live without, we pay attention. So it was a sweet surprise when H2-Whoa made the cut as an essential pick for summer road trips.

Five Stars, Four Cars

July 13 2011

You’ve heard of shake, rattle and roll, but how about jingle and squeak? Delighted that our squishy cars helped this little one discover cause and effect. And we think it’s doubly delightful that his mama found them so a-Ford-able too.

La Vida Vivi

July 11 2011

This charming mother and daughter share great taste…one with an eye for design and the other with a fondness for flavor! We’re positively zoo-bilant that the Zany Zoo had enough animal magnetism to meet all their critter-teria.

Flying High

July 11 2011

Our hearts were warmed with a snap, crackle and pop as we read about these brothers having a blast with Fire Flyer and Poppitoppy. And we’re triply thrilled to have put a grin on their mama’s face with the clever quips from cuties in our online quote gallery!

Going the Distance

July 11 2011

Sometimes it seems like magic to find B. on store shelves in states from New York to New Mexico. So hearing of our toys half a world away in Korea made our heads spin—and our hearts sing!

Bounce, Rattle, and Roll

July 4 2011

It was a bouncing baby bonanza as Barefoot Books hosted a summertime sonata! And with B. maracas humming in the hands of wee ones, everyone was dancing to the beat of indie rockers Rabbit! B. rhythmic!

Captain’s Blarrrg

July 1 2011

When we were just joeys we bounded before our TV’s each morn along with the Captain and his crew. We’re jumping with joy once again because Captain Kangaroo is back, and he’s a HUGE fan of B. You!

Sailing Savvy Seas

July 1 2011

We’re tickled pink to have Fish & Splish highlighted by bestselling author Melanie Notkin as a great gift to develop fine motor(boat) skills.

Bunnies and Bees

June 29 2011

This summer we teamed up with our friends Rabbit! and donated 2000 bumblebee maracas to help take the sting out of art and music education budget cuts. The result was the buzz of the town!

Magic Music

June 29 2011

It was a B.last joining forces with new friends Barefoot Books and ZUMIX to help make the Boston stop of Rabbit!’s do-good summer tour extra magical. We’re still humming those happy tunes!

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